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Wonderful Husband

Legend has it that the Margarita was created for Margarita Sames, an American socialite of the 1940s, who liked to serve it at her parties in Acapulco...Well I don't know who Margarita Sames but what a gal!! I came in the door tonight after spending several hours doing inventory with Nook (thanks Nook) and with my eyes crossed, my wonderful husband opened the door and said "I made something for you"...hmmm...I was wondering if he finished up those last Christmas gifts, but no he had made me a wonderful Margarita, and I must say it was tasty.... So......Salute, Cheers, Mazal Tov...whatever your toast is...this one's for you....

Time is a Flying

Wow the new year is almost here, have you figured out what you want to do with your quilt world next year? is that no you say, good, me neither. I do plan on spending more time on my hand applique, even went and bought myself an Ott light today, very cool, can't wait to sit down at night and do some type of handwork, who knows maybe I'll get my cross stitch out again. Good lighting always makes a difference and with these aging eyes good light is more important then ever. Before the new year gets here I still need to quilt a wall hanging, finish a candle mat and do a few more things that I can't post because a couple of us from work are doing a late Christmas and I don't want to ruin their surprise. Dinner tonight, Honey Brined Turkey Breast from Wegmans , I'll let y'all know how it taste. Happy Quilting

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night. Kelly, Andrew, Zele, Stella and Izzy B

Sing Along

Here's a little something to get you in the mood for finishing up those last minute gifts. Yes, I know that some of you out there are like me, still quilting that last candle mat, table runner, wall hanging, really do I need to go on. So sing the song below out loud to all who will listen, and watch the dogs cover their ears... The Quilt Gift Shuffle Tis the season to be busy Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la So much quiltin’ makes me dizzy Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la Gifts to make and wrap a plenty Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la. Quilt till midnight, don’t get sleepy Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. Tis the time to get artistic Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la Not much time, so get realistic Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la Scrappy handbags, easy piecing Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la. Prairie points and beads repeating Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. Teachers thankyou’s, Secret Santas Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la Quilted toppers, doggie blankets Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la Stuffed pincushions, small

Sewing and Snow

I'm looking for a snow day, yep that's right, me the girl from the south is looking for snow. With a snow day, you can't go out and run around like a mad women trying to get 5 hours of shopping done in 20 minutes. With a snow day you get to stay home and sew, put on your warm fuzzy socks (lime green) and with a dog under your feet sew all day. Wouldn't it be nice to look outside and see these beautiful trees. Well, there's no snow just cold, and baby I mean cold. So instead of staying home and sewing, I'll pull myself together and run to Wal -Mart before opening the store. With all of the Christmas shopping I completely forgot to get the girls a bag of balls, bad doggie mom I am. stay warm and happy quilting


This is what my machines looks like, it's flying off the the table. All the best laid plans of mice and men....I had my time table worked out so that I could get all Christmas sewing done and what needs to be shipped, shipped by the 15th...right, like that's going to happen. I've been putting in some long hours on my machine and just about the time I think I'm getting ahead I spend some quality time with my reverse sewing tool, does that happen to y'all? Short post today, I'm off and running, Stash Busters this morning and hubby comes home today...wahoooo... Happy Quilting

Decorating for Christmas

I love to decorate at Christmas. Opening the boxes that we packed away last year bring back lots memories, mostly because I forget year to year what we have. The tree is up, the outside wreath is on the house and the stick trees are in the yard but the boxes still are in the basement and need to come up to start the decking of halls. We did decorate the windows at the last week and from the colors we used you can tell who had a hand in that. Think "The Grinch", I just love the green of The Grinch so I managed for find 20 yards of grinch green netting to use and I love it. I went and got some new lights for the window, using LED icicle lights is kind of strange, they don't give off the warm glow of normal icicle lights but with grinch green fabric below they have that same strange kind of Christmas feel. No big tree in the store this year, I wanted to change things up and that tree is so big and takes up loads of space. Happy Decorating and Happy Quilting

Check this out

I've added a few of the Blogs that I follow to my Blog page, take a look to see what I'm might find that we're following the same cool would that be. Happy Blogging & Happy Quilting ps: the dog nor cat are ours but I thought this picture was too cute not to share.

Gobble till you Wobble

Kids say the darnest many times have we heard this. Just the other day a customer walked in and told me her son said to her about Thanksgiving "it's all about the food". My wish for all of you as you sit around the table with your family and friends is to have a very happy and full-feeling day!!! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Quilting

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Baby it's cold outside! I started a post on Tuesday from my office upstairs in the store as I watched the first "snowfall" of the year. I say "snowfall" because it was nothing more then flurries but still it was snow. I'm one of those people that have a love/hate relationship with snow. When I was younger I had this wonderful fantasy about snow falling around a covered bridge, sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, playing with my dog, well this scene happened. When I married Andrew he swooped me off my feet and landed me smack in the middle of that scene. I moved to New Hampshire about a mile from a covered bridge and it was right out of a Norman Rockwell picture until my new husband informed me that while he was happy that I had shoveled the driveway I would need to do that every two hours to stay on top of things. What, was he kidding, nope, so for my first winter in New England I got my snow, covered bridge, fire, hot chocolate, playing with

Sew yes but Sew What

What perfect day to sew, sew what you say, sew anything. It's foggy, rainy and just plain yucky out today, I'll be working but what better place to be stuck then in the store. If we're busy great if not then I get to sew, sew what you ask, sew anything. I had gotten real good about sewing something daily if even for 10 minutes but that habit doesn't take long to get out of but I think today, again depending on how busy, I'm gonna cut out a table runner and sew. I've been wanting a new table runner for Christmas and what better time to start, maybe it'll actually make it on the table this year. This one I'll post as soon as I get it done, it's gonna be way cool. Mirror Image is the name of the pattern, we used it in Stash Busters last month and now I keep seeing the potential in loads of fabric and because I added the leaf to my table I might make mine I think I'm gonna need more fabric, shoot, guess I gotta do some shopping to


I normally only have one cup of coffee a day, starting the day with one cup and the morning funnies just sets the tone for the day. What a surprise I had when we picked up some new coffee at the recently opened Wegmans in Gainsville, we talked to their coffee guy and he recommended the City Blend, what a guy. I'm a one cup a day kind of girl but this new coffee could really change my mind. If it weren't for the caffeine I think I could drink this stuff all day, but could y'all see me on coffee all day, yikes. What a great cup of joe....what a happy day!!! Happy Quilting and have a cup.....

Time Change

Okay who wasn't ready for this time change....It's been so hard getting up in the morning when it's still dark, even the girls want to sleep in but now that the time has changed and the sun is up before 6:30 it'll be so much easier to get going in the morning. I'll put this theory to test on Tuesday. With all of the talk about long lines for voters I'll be getting up with Andrew and we're heading to the polling place by 6:00. Some of you know that we live in Jeffersonton and it not being the biggest town in Culpeper county we shouldn't have to wait too long but who knows maybe everyone will be thinking the same and we'll meet our neighbors at 6:00am with sleepy-time hair. Almost done with my Stash Busters quilt and not soon enough because the Saturday session meets this coming week, yikes! Okay, here are your reminders....change your smoke alarm batteries and don't forget to vote...what a great country we live in....Happy Quilting

Burrrr It's Cold

Okay, whatever happen to fall, aren't we suppose to have mild days and cool nights, not cold days and colder nights. We use our lap quilts at night while watching TV and last night I was tempted to grab Andrew's a run, man is it chilly. So instead of punishing my DH I think I'll make a couple of new and warmer lap quilts for us to use this winter and I know where I can get some really cool fabric. We got back from Market Monday night and hit the ground running, well maybe not running but we had a quick step in our walk. We've been busy planning our new programs and as soon as more details are worked out we'll be announcing them. I wanna congratulate all those Phillie Fans out's to you Joyce & Phoebe. Enjoy the rest of the fall leaves before the wind blows them off and until then.... Happy Quilting

Houston Last Day

Today was the last day of Market and I think we're ready to come home. We talked to new pattern companies today and found some really nice basting glue, we think that if even if you don't use glue basting to applique that you'll like this stuff. We can't wait to get back and play with a new freezer paper-n-starch method we learned, if it works we'll share but we want to test it first. Speaking of applique, Jackie has found a really neat book by Penny Haren, keep an eye out for a class with Jackie teaching Penny's method. We had a really great time on this trip, we had dinner with Joyce and Phoebe from both Saturday and Sunday night. On Sunday Carol Britt from joined us dinner, what a neat lady. Here's a shout-out to Phoebe and her Phillies. We're traveling tomorrow and both of us will be in the store on Tuesday, so until then.... Happy Quilting

Houston Day 3

We have some tired dogs tonight and I'm not referring to Stella & Zele. We walked until we couldn't walk anymore then had to walk back 6 zillion city blocks back to our hotel. We saw lots of new patterns and notions today and we're bringing back a few from to share. We're suppose to be testing new thread tonight from Wonderfil but we're still sorting through all of the paperwork we brought back with us. We made a few new friends today and maybe we'll make more tomorrow. We did talk to Lynette Jensen from Thimbleberries today and it looks like you might be seeing some of her new line in the store this coming winter. We also spent some time with Pat Sloan talking about all kinds of stuff from what type of thread she uses for her hand applique to how she likes quilting on her APQS George. Tomorrow is going to be busier then today, we've got a full day of shopping for fabric and lots of book signings and for heck's sake we might e

Houston Day 2

Wow, our minds are spinning. We're sitting here after dinner sorting through all the cool stuff we picked up today during Schoolhouse. For those of you who don't know, Schoolhouse is an all day affair where you go to 15 to 30 minute classes put on by various vendors. Lots and lots of new patterns out there and you better believe we'll be bringing some of them back. Today we saw Mark Lipinski, Eleanor Burns, Ricky Tims, Lonni Rossi, Amy Butler, M'liss Rae Hawley, Mimi Dietrich, Karen Montgomery, Jo Morton and Cindy Walter (snippet lady). Not to be name droppers but those were a few of the celebrities we saw, but no George Clooney, sorry. Tomorrow is the first full day of being on the Market Floor, we'll post some info on some of the goodies we see, until then Happy Quilting

Houston Day 1

Well we arrived safe and sound, the flight was okay with a few bumps but we chatted the first leg of the flight and someone (me) took a nap on the second part of the trip. Tonight was the Fabshop Dinner and we had a blast. We saw Mark Lipinski , Marti Mitchel, Loralie from Loralie Designs, Pepper Cory and Nancy Dill from Quiltwoman .com (think Contra Dance). We laughed alot and had a pretty good time even though we are both beat. That's all for now we'll do more sharing tomorrow night. until then... Happy Quilting

It's Market Time

This Thursday Jackie and I will be flying off to Houston for the International Fall Quilt Market, wahoooo.. Everyone jokes about wanting to go and see all the new and neat stuff coming out but I wonder if everyone knew how much work we did while there if they would be so eager to join us. From the time we leave Thursday morning from Dulles until we actually get back to our houses Monday night it's work, work and more work. But I will say I love it, it's energizing. Jackie and will spend hours bouncing ideas off each other and I can't tell you how many times one of us will say "did you see that", it's way cool. I'll try and blog daily while there, it's fun to try and put into words all the cool stuff we'll see. Lots to do before Thursday morning.... Happy Quilting


It's that time of the year, we change the batteries in our smoke detectors, maybe change out our slipcovers and better yet change our fabric direction. I'm a fabric lover, duh like y'all didn't know that, but I never had one style that I would say was mine, unless you call lime green a fabric style. While I still love lime green and love the feel of batiks I'm starting to really appreciate more traditional fabrics. I'm working on a Christmas gift for my father and using reproductions, traditional prints and gotta say I'm liking it. I can't give away to much about the piece because it's for next months Stash Busters but it's kind of neat. I showed them to a customer the other day and she said "it looks like you're nesting", I guess she's right. With everything going on in the world sometimes it feels good to stay home and nest with some really comforting fabrics. So today is my day off and I think I'm gonna do some &q

To Wash or Not to Wash...That is the Question

Okay for those of you that know me know that I'm of the Not to Wash world but that my dear friend Jackie is a To Wash person. Well that evil person lead me to the dark side because of an upcoming class that I'm taking at the store. I love to machine applique, the things I can do with thread and a machine makes my toes curl but I've never given hand applique a good try so next Tuesday I'll be taking a class at the store from a very experienced hand appliquer and I'm thrilled. I was reading over my class requirements and are you ready for this, along the top of the sheet it says " prewash all fabric", I'm thinking "surely that can't mean me", so I call my DF and said "do I really need to prewash all of this fabric?" and she said "yep", jeeze louise her being right makes my head spin. So now my fabric is washed and can't be mixed with my other fabric because that is one of those rules that I go by, no mixey

It's Arrived

I know I posted this morning but I couldn't wait to share the new Husqvarna Viking Topaz 30, it really is a "gem". If you love the 10" are of the Sapphire and want to add a touch of embroidery to your work then the Topaz 30 is just for you. I did a quick sew on it this afternoon and it runs nice a smooth, just like the Designer Diamond and Sapphire. I also hooked up the new Huskylock s15 and what a nice little serger . I did a quick thread, and I mean a quick and with no adjustments it serged up a storm, I mean I took it out of the box, plugged it in, gave it some pretty pink thread and serged along some bluejean fabric, perfect. If you're close come in and check out the new machines if you're not so close go to your local independent Husqvarna Viking dealer. Happy Quilting

New Project

I've always been the type of quilter that buys for a project, does the quilt, finishes it before buying for another but that's been thrown out the window. I'm sitting here typing and looking at a big stack of fabric that I brought home from the store yesterday, ready to be cut into small pieces and sew into big pieces. I'm chomping at the bit to start on the one for the guest room. It's taken me years to figure out a quilt and then to finally find the fabric, wahoo. But, before I can start on that quilt I have to finish up the one that's cut out for our next stash busters class, it's cut and I started sewing last weekend but it looks like I need to kick up the sewing so that I can start on a project for me. Today is Thursday which means I normally get to put something on the long arm but not today, it's a morning of private machine lesson then do some rearranging in the store to show the new Designer Topaz that's going to arrive. I can't wai

The last week of summer

We'll it's finally here, the last week of summer, DH wants more summer, more heat, he loves the heat, I'm ready for some nice fall days. I actually like all the seasons, I love summer because I love being in water, lake, pool or whatever has water. I love fall because it has the best show of color, driving home and seeing the colors displayed out in front of me, just like a quilt, now I need to make a fall quilt. I love winter, well maybe not love, but I do like the chilly (notice I didn't say cold) days. I love spring for color is starting to come around again. The problem with all of this is that no one season last long enough and this makes the years fly by. I'm so excited, I've come up with an idea for an upcoming stash busters class and it involves another Christmas present, wahooo . I love class projects that turn into Christmas presents. Before I run I need to mention that today is our 13 th wedding anniversary, so hugs and kisses to the best m

Another Trip

Well I'm off on another trip, this one down to North Carolina to help my mother with her double knee replacement recovery. I just happen to be in NC when the latest storm decided to roll through, funny thing is Hanna was a smallish storm, we're getting wind but up in Virginia, Andrew and the girls are having one heck of a rain storm, they're getting more from the store then we are, yikes. I've been doing lots of reading in my trade magazines and online and my head is overflowing with ideas and changes. We're really gonna shake things up at KAQ . I heard through the grapevine that another quilt shop in my area described KAQ as Country Bright. I don't know that I would have pegged us as Country Bright, or actually Country anything, but after walking around the store I can see how someone might come up with that description. We're located in a building that's over 100 years old, yep, older then me, and I've got the floors painted periwinkle and


We did it, finally a real vacation, away from home and the store for five days. Actually away from the store for 9 days, did some days home to rest from the days of laying by the pool. We arrived in Las Vegas on Monday afternoon and after dropping our bags at the MGM Grand Motel we heading over to The Border Grill located by the shark tank at Mandalay Bay. We've been to Vegas 9 times and the last three we made several visits to The Border Grill. So we're on our way chatting about how we can't wait to have a nice cold mojito when we approach the enterence to the resturant we find it's under renovations, holy crap, but way, they're still open but you have to go downstairs to enter, wahooo. We had a couple of drinks and Andrew had the best fish tacos, my dinner was great, but for the life can't remember the name but just so you know it was wonderful. We were up and out of the room by 7 each morning, trying to stay on east coast time. We had coffee by the p

Stash Busters

I finished yet another stash busters quilt just in time for the first session. I keep finding patterns that involve flying geese and am really getting the hang of them, just love the LazyGirls Flying Geese x4 ruler, very little waste and after you've done one set you end up with four geese done... wootwoot . Normally when I piece I use flat flower head pins but I was using a batik and having a heck of a time so I pulled out the clover silk pins, gotta say I'm in love, don't know how much Ill be using my flat flowers after the ease of the silk pins. Lots of new fabric showing up at the store and now I'm planning a quilt for my small guest room so I need to figure out if I want to use some of the new stuff or have fun some of the stuff that came in this summer. I have a stash at home but it's so nice to have a stash as large as a whole store. But I can't hesitate because as soon as I do the fabric is gone before I have a chance to buy any, bummer. happy q


Where did July go? You know the exact moment when you realize that half the year is over and you've not started your Christmas presents yet, yep, that's it, it just hit me. But, and here's the good part, Jackie and I have been sharing the duties with Stash Busters this year, one month she does a sample the next me, well, to date I have 5 samples done, which in turn means I could have 5 potential Christmas Presents, this is where I go, WAHOOOOOOO or WOOTWOOT I just need to figure out what goes to who. I'll be working on the August Stash Busters this weekend and I'm so excited, some are okay and some are, are you ready for this, a WAHOOOO or a WOOTWOOT , I'm so into WOOTWOOT now I may be using that for awhile. Once I'm done with Stashbusters I'll share with everyone where I've found some of the greatest patterns, don't want to give to much away. For those of you that know we sell Husqvarna Viking sewing machines. The daily ques


Yikes, how many times do I start my blog with Yikes...if you guessed a million you were right. It seems that I'm always one step behind, or two or three for that fact. I have less then a full week to get a class sample done, can't say much because it's for stash busters. Okay, where was I, right, less then a week to get a sample done, my parents are coming for a short visit, and my yard has been taken over by the weeds from hell. I often wonder how other business owners do it, run their business, keep their homes neat and clean and still have time to sleep. Maybe it's the sleep thing, maybe they don't sleep alot, maybe they're the 4 to 5 hours a night is cool for them. I'm a 8 hours a night kind of girl, less then that doesn't make for a happy girl. No kids but two dogs, so I ask where do people get their energy. Okay, I'm off to cut out the sample, then let the dogs out, straighten up the kitchen, and then off to bed. Happy Quilting

Convention Update

I thought I might find time while in Texas to update everyone on the new machine but wow the time flew by. Okay, so the cat is out of the bag, the new Husqvarna Viking machine is yes, indeed, the Designer Diamond and what a gem it is. The size of the machines blows everyone else out of the water. Go see for yourself, let me know what you think. The trip started off bad, 5 1/2 hour wait for the plane, got into bed at 3:00 Texas time, which is 4:00 est, once we got out of bed Sunday it was non stop till we stepped off the plane on Thursday afternoon. Along the way I managed a cold, flying with a cold is not fun. Now back to quilting, I actually get to be back on the long-arm on Thursday, and I'm almost done with my flip flop quilt, wow that one has taken me a long time to get done, keeping my fingers crossed I'll have it done by the 4th of July. happy quilting

Convention Time

Well we travel tomorrow for the Husqvarna Viking Convention, part of me says "can't wait" the other part says "holy crap it's here already". The shop will run smoothly and the travel isn't a problem is everything that I have crammed into the 3 1/2 days we're there. I'm gonna try and post from the road but like I said, I've crammed 10 pounds of stuff in my 5 pound day sack! happy quilting

Sewing MoJo

Just like Austin Powers I'm looking for my MoJo but this time it's my sewing MoJo. My mind has the want and the ideas but my body isn't playing along. Sleep, that's what this very tired shop owner wants. There's always tomorrow....maybe my MoJo will come home tomorrow.... happy quilting


Has anyone seen my Time? Where does it all go? I've read countless articles on setting time aside for things you really want to do, quilting, exercising or gardening but I still have the same question, where do you find this time? I'm still not done with the flip-flop quilt and my flower beds are only half weeded and now I need to get my act together and get ready for our upcoming trip to San Antonio for the Husqvarna Viking Convention. Okay, I'll admit I'm really excited about the trip, the new machine coming out is going to be so cool but the trip is more then that, it's getting away. While it's not a vacation because if there is one thing that you don't do when you're dealing with Husqvarna Viking is rest but it's going to be different then my everyday running of a quilt shop. Speaking of running a quilt shop, I've hired another person and have been doing most of the training myself, maybe that's where my time is going. It's an


Everyone is always talking about goals, goals to get our quilts done, goals to "blog" everyday. I guess goals are good things, they can keep you on track, focus your attention but if you put to many goals on your list then it would seem to me that you could really stress out over achieving your goals. Don't get me wrong, I have goals, but I have enough stress running a quilt shop that if I don't need put more pressure on myself. All of that being said, I hope to blog more and finish up the flip-flop quilt this week, so you can call them goals or just "hopes". Speaking of my flip-flop quilt, I had planned on using rick-rack for the straps but I just didn't like the way they looked so now I'm going to WonderUnder some cool bright pink fabric to use as straps, on the bias, then I can bling them out. I'm going to reduce the size of of the flip-flop pattern and use them as guides for my quilting, was going to throw them on the long-arm be decid

Tuesday is my Monday

It's Monday for me, I'm off on the real worlds Monday so everyone that's put Monday behind them I'm one day behind. The flip-flop quilt won, I worked on it Sunday then yesterday went shopping for button and rick-rack. There is only so much I can carry at the shop so I let others carry some of the bling I need for my projects. Okay, see if this sounds familiar, I cut out both "feet" of the flip-flops, using Roxannes Glue Baste It, I dot little drops of glue around the outside and place the flips down my background fabric, let the glue dry and go forward to machine applique down. Don't ya know I'm using a white tone-on-tone and what do I do, not on one pair of flip-flops but on two different blocks I basted the flips on the wrong side...ugh! I cut two more pairs and made sure sixteen thousand times that I didn't make the same mistake twice. So the top is done now I'm gonna bling it up and applique a pair of sunglasses on water soluble

Yikes too many projects

Like most quilters I have a habit of wanting to make more and more and more but with running a quilt shop that leaves little time to sew. I'm not one of those people that wakes up early and goes to bed late and needs little sleep, just gotta say here I love my naps. With the nice weather it's getting harder to want to sit down at the sewing machine when there's so many weeds that need pulling and so many flowers that need planting. Tomorrow they're calling for rain here so that should make for a good day to sew, now to decide what to start. So here are my choices, a fun flip-flop wall hanging for the shop window or a fun bag pattern using Aunt Grace fat quarters. Seeing that I'm not a big Aunt Grace fan and really want to change out the windows at the shop maybe I'll do my flip-flops. But then I really want to try the bag pattern, YIKES...where do I start. It's Saturday night and there's NASCAR racin' on TV, so it''s couch time for me

Training Over

Well I made it through Husqvarna Viking Product Know How and am now certified, maybe I need to be certified crazy. There is so much to learn and we crammed a ton of stuff into one week but I still feel like there's so much more to learn. It was a great training experience, the people that work for Husqvarna Viking in Westlake are a great group of people and you couldn't ask for a nicer environment to learn. I'm totally pumped about the new machine coming out but just like everyone else I'll have to wait. I can tell you that it has the largest embroidery field on a home sewing machine, a larger LCD screen then the Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Limited Edition, 50 additional features and the list goes on and on, but to really see for yourself go to , click on USA, wow is the only thing I can say. I've come back with a ton of stuff in my head, with the Christmas fabric arriving, samples needing to be made and now all of this embroidery

First Time Out

Welcome to my blog, I'm starting my blog from Westlake Ohio while in Husqvarna Viking Product Know How Class, wow that's a mouth full. We started the quilt shop in 2005 and each year we've added something new, in 2006 it was a Gammill Long Arm (you'll be hearing lots about this), in 2007 we decided to start working on adding sewing machines, well it took until February 2008 but it happened and that's how I ended up in Ohio in May training on this great machines. I started quilting in 1996 while living in New Hampshire and here I am owning a quilt shop, can you say addiction. My goal is to show you the real side of owing and running a quilt shop, from the fun and crazy to the frustrating and, well, frustrating. I'll also be posting on my personal quilting adventures, road trips, projects and I can just about guarantee that you'll hear about my dogs, which everyone in the shop refers to as "the girls". Please feel free to post questions comme