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It Feels Like Ages

It feels like ages since I last blogged and guess what it has been. August 4th saw a post about summer flying by and now we've flown past the end of summer and have jumped right into fall. I promise myself that I'm going to sit down and blog about what's happening the girls or what Andrew and I have been up or even better the latest quilt project I decided to tackle. It's not like I don't have anything to say...y'all know me well enough I can always find something to chat about. So I'm gonna try and capture in. A few words what's been happening around my little corner of the world since we last chatted. Surprise visit to my mothers for her birthday Zele turned 10 Stella turned 8 Andrew traveled to Chicago to see his sister and her family Celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary Went to a Nationals baseball game Took a drive on Skyline drive Sewed a bit Tried to Smile everyday Well now that I look at it I've been pretty busy. I'll try to do better