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Memorial Day

"Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service to our country"  I went looking for the history behind Memorial Day, so I clicked over to my trusty Google, typed in Memorial Day History, the above sentence seems to be the only thing in common with all the different versions.  I thought it would be interesting to see how/when/where but like many things depending on what side of the boat you are on you will see it with different eyes...So I will simply say...THANK YOU to everyone that has served our country, to those that didn't make it home, to those that made it home...THANK YOU. 

Gonna be a crazy day

Okay while we won't have any bulls in the store and I don't think there will be alot of men running towards the doors I do think we're gonna be doing some running around for the next few days.  Today starts our Finish the End of the Bolt Sale....25% off if you finish the bolt.  Now if you've been in the store lately you've learned a new word, boltage, and yes it's a new word, well it will be as soon as I contact those nice people at Websters and do some explaining.  We need to get rid of some boltage cause we have lots of new boltage to bring out.  This kind of sale is perfect for backings, borders and charity quilts.  No bolt is too small or too large, you finish it you get the stinkin' simple is that.  Okay gotta run...the bulls are charging the doors.... Kelly Ann

Quilts From Spring Quilt Market

Howdy Y'all....wait...didn't I already start a Market blog off with Howdy...guess I'm getting ready for the Fall Quilt Market in Houston cause we know for sure they say Howdy in Texas!  I'm still trying to recover from all of the fun and excitement that surrounds Quilt Market, so while I recover please take a look at some of the quilts hanging, not only in the booths around market but in the Quilt Show... now...which one is your favorite?? have a wonderful Thursday... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday


Kimberly Einmo Jelly Roll Quilts & More

Want a sneak peek on one of the books we ordered at Quilt Market????  Wanna meet the really nice lady that wrote the book??? Meet Kimberly Einmo....I really think she's our new BFF.  If y'all wanna get to know Kimberly better take a click over to her blog ....wait...not this minute...finish reading this post first...duh!!  Kimberly was so stinkin' nice to put up with us, we were laughing so hard that getting a really good picture of the three of us was almost impossible...but at least we were having a blast. Jelly Roll Quilts & More is packed with great quilts, recipes and some fun tips...and here's the sneak peak I promised... doesn't this quilt look like it would be a fun one to make...and that's just a small little peak...once the books arrive in the store we'll make sure y'all find out...and better yet...give us a call next week and we'll put you down for one.... I'll be back in the store on Wednesday... see y'all then...

Enjoy the Peep Show

Some of our Peeps..... back later with words....cause y'all know I have something to say about all the fun... later gators...


Saturday at Quilt Market has come to a close, one more day and we'll be headed home with all kinds of great ideas and some fun stuff is being shipped....I'll keep my wordage (yep another new Kelly Ann word) down on this post....well I was gonna upload some pictures for your view pleasure but some forces are working against us...if I can't get them posted while still here in Minneapolis I'll post them as soon as I get back home... so until next time... May the Force be with you... KA&J

1st Day on Market Floor

I do have pictures to share but they are gonna have to wait until tonight...yesterday was a very long day...long as we left the room at 8:00 and got back at 10:00...and no I don't mean 10:00am... We same some pretty interesting notions and patterns that, yes, we'll be bringing back.  We did visit with some of our peeps and even got to meet some new ones.  Let me see...who did we see....everyone...yep that about covers it...What??? you want to know who we saw...fine....there was Mark Lipinski (got a picture with him), Alex from Aurifil, Pat Sloan, Eleanor Burns, Amy Butler, Swirly Girls, Karen Dumont from Karie Patch Designs (y'all remember her trunk show from Quest don't ya), Alex Anderson & Ricky Tims, Robyn Pandolph...and goobs more.. We have another long day ahead of us and we did learn a lesson yesterday, drink more through out the day...and no I don't mean cocktails..water....both of us feel like hangover city...and NO we didn't go out and tie one on

Wednesday of Quilt Market

Howdy from Minneapolis Minnesota... do they say howdy here...well guess they do now.  Today was a fun pack day of Schoolhouse, a series of small presentations put on by the professional stars of our industry...and the stars were out in full glory.  Each year when Jackie and I go to Market we do a "celebrity" sighting...well this year is no different...and for all your celebrity stars out there don't worry if you don't see your name in this post because there are several more days to make an appearance on this here here goes....Pat Sloan...all your Virginians wave to Pat....there was Alex from Aurifil and all you ladies at Kelly Ann's know what big fans of Alex we are, we saw Alex Anderson & Ricky Tims hanging together, Mark Lipinski was walking with some peeps down the street, Jo Morton...y'all know her from our Crimson & Clover Anover line,  Liz & Beth from Lizzie B those two chicks are so stinkin' funny, Susan & Chri

Two More Sleeps

Two more sleeps until I... and land in.... and then the fun begins.... Hopefully I'll be posting daily with all kinds of fun pictures and stories...cause when Jackie & I take a road trip anything can happen.  I'll also be posting on Facebook so if you're not a Fan of Kelly Ann's Quilting run...don't walk over to Facebook and hook up with us... until later... see ya gator... Kelly Ann

Day Off

I don't normally get a Saturday off but today was the Warrenton Spring Festival and KAQ always closes for the festival.  For the last several years we've had something to do, either company visiting or a little trip planned but not this year, nope, this year we decided to stick around the house and enjoy just being off.  So what did I do with my day off...we ran to Wegmans then to Lowes for plants, potting soil and gas for the grill...after we got home Andrew got busy... and what did I do...duh...I took the picture...actually I spent the afternoon planting some new plants and veggies, once we put the porch back together I promise to take a picture.  The rest of the day went by quickly...we cleaned up and fired up the grill for the first grilling of the season, hotdogs and cold beer...the perfect ending for a day off. So my Saturday off is coming to a close, we're hanging out, watching some tv...Cops..those are some bad boys...and just think...I have tomorrow and Monday

Furry Friday

Instead of Furry Friday I'm calling today Fuzzy Friday...Why???  well look at these... Have you ever seen anything like these?   Do you think they'll be all the rage??  There are so many things I could say about these "pants" but I"ll leave those to your imagination... Have a great Friday... Kelly Ann

Do you Idol?

So are you an Idol fan or a Dancing fan?'s all about American Idol.  It started several years ago watching the auditions, they were really cracking me up and then you get hooked watching the whole show cause you just have to see how far that wackie biniki girl gets.  Then you go thorough the top 24, then top 12, do we even remember anyone from the top 24 that got kicked out when it was widdled down to 12?  For the past several years I've called in every week, voting several times for my favorite, and yes I did pick Taylor Hicks to win, but that was so many years ago...anyway I'm not voting this year, well I did vote the other night but for the most part there isn't anyone that rocks my boat like in previous years.  I do like Lee this year and Crystal should have already had a contract but Casey is just mind boogling.  While Casey is cute, with his blue eyes and long blonde hair I just do see him much of an idol.  So we're down to three and I'm keeping m

Wordless Wednesday

Crazy Hats & Swirly Girls read that right...last Saturday we had our Calendar Girls and Fancy Nancy and Queen Dee didn't not disappoint with their Hat-A-ttudes... Fancy Nancy with her May Flours hat...she is so clever... Queen Dee, yes she's the Queen of her Red Hat Group, recently was on retreat with her guild, and their theme was this is her Sweet Retreat Leftovers...all kinds of yummo looking goodies on her hat. The Swirly Girls treated us with a great trunk show...what?  who?  Here they are...Susan & Christine...better known as Swirly Girls...see those quilts piled on the table...yep that was the trunk show.  I'm sorry I didn't get pictures but I was so excited to see what they did with some of their patterns I kept clapping and get all googley over them.  We are now well stocked on their patterns and we have lots of samples planned.  Here are a few of their new fans...I snapped this picture before the trunk show started...once they started openi

Happy Mother's Day

Isn't she lovely...I love you Mom...

Wordless Wednesday...

Have a Happy One!!!


Okay...I've just discovered I've misplaced something or someone has stolen it, maybe you can help me find it? about January, February, March & April...where in the world did they go??  Did anyone see them??  I know they were just here, as a matter of fact just yesterday it was January and this was happening.... who could forget this...I ask?  February was a blur...did it really happen or did we just skip from January to March... I have no proof that February was really here, I checked all my pictures, nothing...I'm telling you someone out there is holding February hostage.  Now let's chat about March...I know that March was here because we celebrated our 5 year anniversary at Kelly Ann's Quilting and we had a blast but what happened after that I can't recall and I know it wasn't because of too much of this.... I think whoever took February slipped the rest of March in their back pocket and ran away...far away because for the life of