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Remain Calm...all is well...

If you've seen the movie, Animal House, you'll remember this line well... Remain Calm...All is Well!! Kevin Bacon doing his best to calm the crowds... well with the temperature hitting the 100 degree mark today it should read... Remain COOL...All is Well... until next time Be Kind Kelly Ann

Weather Talk

What is the one thing people find in common to talk about...the weather.  It doesn't matter where you live, what season it is or if you love the hot or cold it's part of our daily conversation....dang in US we have a whole tv channel dedicated to just the weather. I find it funny that when I'm traveling the globe, via blogs, and land in Australia and they are talking about bundling up and that it's getting chilly and we're hanging out in flipflops and shorts.   How small the world becomes through the internet and how weather always bonds us. So here is the weather report for the East Coast of the United States for the next four days... HOT HOT  HOT's gonna be hot but then again it is summertime and we expect it to be hot...but's the weather and that's what we talk about... until next time Be Kind Kelly Ann

National Scrambled Eggs for Dinner Day

With all of the different "National such and such day" Andrew decided that today was..... National Scrambled Eggs for Dinner Day So...breakfast for dinner around here about you...what's for dinner at your house? until next time Be Kind Kelly Ann

Walking Tour of Warrenton

I try and get out for a walk daily...while that doesn't always happen, every once in a while I can sneak away.  I decided to show y'all what my little town looks like while I'm out on my walk... I'll try and get better pictures next time...that quilt kept getting in the way...a real photo hog.... Until next time Be Kind Kelly Ann

6 Months

6 MONTHS 6 MONTHS 6 MONTHS 6 MONTHS 6 MONTHS It doesn't matter how you look at it... Christmas is 6 months away.... until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Where to start...

Everytime I've gone to post something has come up...or I couldn't find the right words to go with the pictures I took..or...or...or...there's always an "or" but it hit me this morning.  When you go so long without a post you're not sure what to say or even how to say it.  It's like not talking to a friend for a long time on the phone and you think "should I pick up the phone now or wait" well you wait then it becomes awkward so you decide not to call..well that's sort of what has happened with my blogging. I'd say that life got in the way but the truth is my life is just as busy today as it was last week, last month, last get the picture. I'm at that awkward stage of I'm popping in to say hello...sorry I haven't called and I promise to get better about writing you more often... For today...It's Sunday and I'm sitting on the front porch with my favorite dude and the girls, havi

I've become obsessed...

I can't stop..I know it...I see it everywhere and now I want it all.. I'm crazy for burlap...there I said it... until next time Be Kind Kelly Ann

Queens Jubilee

In honor of the Queens Jubilee I've pulled a few pictures together... This Queen... not...  This Queen... English Gardens... Diamond Tiaras... 60 years, that's a long time in one job...way to go Elizabeth... until next time Be Kind... Kelly Ann

June 1st

June 1st... Happy Birthday Marilyn National Doughnut Day Official start to Hurricane Season Who know June 1st was such an important day... Happy June 1st... until next time Be Kind... Kelly Ann