Thursday, June 28, 2012

Weather Talk

What is the one thing people find in common to talk about...the weather.  It doesn't matter where you live, what season it is or if you love the hot or cold it's part of our daily conversation....dang in US we have a whole tv channel dedicated to just the weather.

I find it funny that when I'm traveling the globe, via blogs, and land in Australia and they are talking about bundling up and that it's getting chilly and we're hanging out in flipflops and shorts.   How small the world becomes through the internet and how weather always bonds us.

So here is the weather report for the East Coast of the United States for the next four days...

HOT's gonna be hot but then again it is summertime and we expect it to be hot...but's the weather and that's what we talk about...

until next time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann

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  1. Funny but since I began surfing blogs around 2001, the world has become much more real. Prior to the Internet, I never thought about the fact that it was winter "Down-Under" while it was summer here. It was like.........hmmmm, I did learn this in elementary school but perhaps I should have given it more thought. ;-) I love, love, love connecting with folks all around the world!!!!!!!