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Phoebe Ann Mosey

Are you scratching your heading wondering who Phoebe Ann Mosey is? Let me give you a little history lesson and see if it comes to you... Born August 13, 1860 Her skill paid the mortgage on her mother's farm when she was only 15 years old. She married Frank Butler in 1882 Her and her husband joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West show in 1885 you know who I'm talking about yet? Annie Oakley As we were traveling the back roads of Ohio this past week we came across a sign that said "Annie Oakley gravesite"... I flipped on the blinker real quick and flipped the car around to check out things myself. You see..I love history and this was quirky enough for me to want to see for myself. To read more about Annie check out this website . You never know what you'll find along the backroads of America. So tell you stop to see the unique and quirky things as you travel? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017vacationtime

Game Changer

What do you think is the biggest game changer in your quilting world? For me it isn't just one thing..I could say rotary cutter, but that's a gimme. I think with each new generation of quilters someone is trying to be the quilt police. We often hear "you have to do this" "you have to do that" to be a quilter. My have to enjoy what you are doing... So..  Press those seams open...or not Cut on the length of the fabric...or not So.. Back to my original question..what do you think is the biggest game changer in your quilting world? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017EnjoyQuilting


This morning I shared this photo from The Sewing Loft  on my Facebook group, Kelly Ann's Creative Circle (you should join) .. anyway .. I asked the question when I shared it, Who's Gonna Sew This Weekend? Ebony Love over at Love Bug Studios  wrote a blog post on "How to find more time for sewing and quilting" So much of what Ebony wrote speaks to my soul.  Owning a Quilt Shop doesn't give me much time to sew. About 10 years ago I finally got a dedicated space to sew in and that made the world of difference in giving me time to sew. I don't get to sew like I want to, but I can dream I've read through the years that if you spend 10 minutes a day doing some form of sewing that it becomes a habit and before you know you've finished a project.  Challenge  - So I challenge you this summer - spend 10 minutes a day doing some type of sewing - using your machine - hand work - something - anything - let's turn this into a habit. Who&#


Okay ... I will admit it .. I am obsessed with Aurifil thread! This is my personal collection .. often you will find any of these colors in my machine ready to piece or quilt because here's the deal..if I'm gonna piece with beautiful bright fabric then why not piece with beautiful bright thread. Several years ago .. back in the day people were only piecing with black, white or cream then along came light gray, med gray and dark gray..but then came the khaki colors..yep, you guessed it, light, medium and dark khaki. I took a stand  and said STOP THE MADNESS! Aurifil Thread has some beautiful colors so why not use them all for everything. I'm often asked about the best weight of thread to use for different projects. 80wt - machine & hand applique 50wt - piecing & quilting 40wt - machine applique & quilting 28wt - top stitch quilting & hand quilting 12wt - hand embroidery & hand quilting 6 strand floss - hand embroidery, c