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I think it's funny that weather is one of those things that everyone has in common but can never agree on which exactly is perfect.  I'm fickle when it comes to the weather, while I enjoy the hot dry heat of Las Vegas laying by a swimming pool reading my book... I also enjoy the crisp air of fall, with the leaves changing into beautiful colors of red, yellow and orange, you can almost smell the apple cidar warming on the stove... and I like spring time, while not as much as summer and fall, it is still beautiful to watch all the trees and flowers return to green.  Now winter is a subject that can really get people all riled up...Now let me backtrack here...I grew up most of my life in a small town in North Carolina, where when it snowed you stayed home, period, no questions asked, why, because we didn't have snow removal equipment in eastern NC.  I can remember many a Christmas day that it was too warm to wear the new sweater I got from Santa, so I was pretty use to mil

Wordless Wednesday

Fitness Friday

Threw you on the post title didn't I...I know y'all had thought I had gone crazy, WHAT, Kelly Ann's talking about fitness and on a Friday.  Well I was gonna talk about fitness but what would I say... okay grab that needle and pull.....up and down, up and down...not much fitness in that or I could have said... pump that foot up...foot down... but really, this post has nothing to do with fitness and everything about's the end of the work week for most and yes while we only have a few more weekends till summer is over take the time to sit and sew... take a few minutes to do that one thing we all love...sit and sew.... have a great weekend.... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday

Elvis Lives?

Have you ever seen the movie Men in Black?  WHAT...okay, if you've not seen the movie the first thing you should do is go out right now, wait, finish reading my blog first, then run out and buy the movie, and while you're out get Men in Black 2 and some popcorn.  Okay, in Men in Black there's a great scene where they are chasing..well I don't want to give the movie away, but they are "driving" their car through the Holland Tunnel and J says to do know that Elvis is dead, right?  K says...No Elvis is not dead, he just went home....and that folks is the truth. Elvis died August 16th 1977...a seems like just yesterday but yet it's a lifetime when it comes to the music we listen to today.  What would Elvis have thought of American Idol?  Rap? Lady Gaga?...I'm not sure what he would have thought but I hope he would have embraced them like they have embraced him. So in memory of Elvis lets all eat fried peanut butter and banana sammies for lunch..

Cowgirl Update

Please check out Traci's blog about Cowgirl and get an update on the sweet girl dog... Traci's Blog ... thanks for visiting Traci's blog... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday


Enough Said....

Follow-Up from Wordless Wednesday part 2

Okay...I'm back and as promised here's the rest of the Leinenkugals story...  So after a wonderful brunch, with bacon, made by the wonderful Jason, Terry loaded up a few of us in her vehicle and drove over to Chippewa Falls Wisconson to visit the Leinenkugel Brewery or as they say in Wisconsin...Leinie's...First we had a little history tour presented by sisters, twins to be exact, around the grounds...  then off to see how the beer is made...sorry to say no pictures of the inside...they've been keeping their beer making a secret since 1867 and they sure aren't gonna let this bunch in on how they do it...would you???   And if you're wondering about this picture...well...they say... "it's all about Kelly"...but if you notice who's sitting in the comfy chairs and who's on the floor...just sayin'..... Hopefully now you know where the picture from Wordless Wednesday came's Summer Sausage from the Lei

Follow-Up from Wordless Wednesday

I'm sure most of you saw the picture yesterday and thought I had gone off the deep end...well not so fast...maybe I did but that picture didn't do it.  Last week on Wednesday I was hanging with some peeps in Chippewa Falls, WI at the Leinenkugels Brewery.  Lets back up...On Monday I flew from Virginia to Minnesota then drove to August Wisconsin to spend a couple of days at the Bridge Creek Cottage with a great group of ladies here are a few of them...some left before we could snap them in the picture...Terry Atkinson of Atkinson Designs host a group of quilt shop owners to have fun with her patterns and share a wealth of information, well maybe have fun with her patterns and share lots of laughs, but either way we had a great time. Starting with Monday night we were presented with the stinkin' cutest table for dinner... each place setting had a little treat with our names...are these not the cutest little name holders.  Each night the tables were as cute as the previ

Wordless Wednesday