Monday, August 16, 2010

Elvis Lives?

Have you ever seen the movie Men in Black?  WHAT...okay, if you've not seen the movie the first thing you should do is go out right now, wait, finish reading my blog first, then run out and buy the movie, and while you're out get Men in Black 2 and some popcorn.  Okay, in Men in Black there's a great scene where they are chasing..well I don't want to give the movie away, but they are "driving" their car through the Holland Tunnel and J says to do know that Elvis is dead, right?  K says...No Elvis is not dead, he just went home....and that folks is the truth.

Elvis died August 16th 1977...a seems like just yesterday but yet it's a lifetime when it comes to the music we listen to today.  What would Elvis have thought of American Idol?  Rap? Lady Gaga?...I'm not sure what he would have thought but I hope he would have embraced them like they have embraced him. So in memory of Elvis lets all eat fried peanut butter and banana sammies for lunch...

Throw Elvis on the turntable and dance!!
Kelly Ann

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