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Friday Market Day

So much to tell..but for now the most exciting thing is the new Iphone App from Aurifil... I was finally able to download tonight...but now I must visit Alex in the Aurifil booth tomorrow and find out why Kelly Ann's Quilting doesn't show up under Virginia stores.  The app is very cool, giving you locations of quilt shops that carry the Aurifil thread, so while you're traveling across county with your husband, four kids and two dogs and run out of thread for you project you can whip out your phone, open the app and search in that state for a store that carries your favorite Aurifil cool will that be... so until the next post... please... be kind and rewind.... Kelly Ann

Mistletoe Make & Bake Holiday Blog Hop

So...who out there wants to go on a road trip of sorts?  Well come along and have some fun on the Mistletoe Make & Bake Holiday Blog Hop and you can do it in your jammies... November 15 Sherri Falls – This & That Monica Solorio-Snow – The Happy Zombie November 16 Heidi Kaisand – Hen and Chicks Monique Dillard – Open Gate Quilts November 17 Celine Perkins – Perkins Dry Goods Patrick Lose – The Latest News from Patrick Lose Kelly Ann Richardson - Kelly Ann’s Quilting November 18 Lissa Alexander – Moda Lissa Julie Stewart – Quilts4Julie November 19 Roseann Kermes – Rosebud’s Cottage Brenda Riddle – Little Acorns November 20 Vickie Cook Eapen – Spun Sugar Quilts Melisa Morrison – Sweet Home Quilt Co. So save the dates and come along and have some fun...and enjoy a samplin' of computer calorie free cookies.... Kelly Ann

Travelin' Thursday

Tomorrow I'll be starting here.... and getting on one of these... and traveling to here... keeping stopping by and I'll share with you my adventures... see Y'all in Texas... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, really?

It's Tuesday...really....I find it hard to believe that I leave for Houston on Thursday and I still have a few things to get done...for one... I really need to find the other shoe to both pairs of these Crocs...I can not walk through life always turning left.  We leave for Market Thursday morning and that's when the fun begins, but before that can happen I need to finish up a few project for our upcoming Groovy Girls club and mentally prep myself for the fact that one week after returning we'll be in full Quilters' Quest mode. So I better get moving...I still need to find my other shoe... until next time... Be Kind...Rewind.... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday


What in your mind constitutes a trend?  Do you even follow trends or just go with the flow and then end smack dab in the middle of a current trend...I get the biggest kick out of fashions that come  out of the La-De-Da fashion shows in Paris and Madrid.  We see the pictures of the stick models walking the runway and the caption reading "the newest trends" like I'm gonna be caught dead wearing this stuff... about these... kind of like these shoes...just think of what you can put in the bottoms.... so are you seeing the trend yet? Kind of hard to see in the first picture but the one thing I noticed while playing around in google images was that alot of the pictures have pink in you think that pink will be the next trend in color for fabric.  Do ya think we'll see lots of fabric designers coming up with pink in the new lines?  Time will tell but in 10 days I'll be heading to the International Quilt we shall see...but in the mea


When you're watching TV do you...A) mute the commercials? 2) blast through them because you DVR everything? C) change channels or 3) got lost when I went from A to 2?   I often have this random thoughts about the silliest things...then I wonder if anyone else out there also has these same thoughts.  So is someone reading my mind or am I reading there's....see there's another one of those thoughts. Okay, back to the commercial thing....We DVR so much that it's rare that we actually see or listen to a whole commercial but when the Allstate Mayhem commercials come on we'll actually stop rushing through to watch and sometimes even re-watch, why do you think this is?  are we crazy? have a sick sense of humor? or are these commercials so silly that we can't turn away.   Years ago we were avid NASCAR fans, if we weren't at a race we were watching them on TV...back in the late 90's they had the best commercials, so much so that we'll catch ourselves still

Wordless Wednesday

John Lennon

On October 9, 1940 John Lennon was born in Liverpool...on December 8, 1980 he was killed in New York City.  I heard on the news this past Saturday that the Rock and Roll Museum and Hall of Fame were coming up with some really special in 2040 to celebrate his life.  My first thought was...holy crap I'm gonna be old, then my other thought there going to be anyone around who even knew who John Lennon was? and are they going to care that he would have been 100? So in honor of John Lennon...just Imagine if you Give Peace a Chance then you could Hold On to Peggy Sue and Remember that You're The One in Strawberry Fields Forever Peace Out!

Life in a small town

Yesterday started out like any early fall day, or as a matter of fact any day in the life of a quilt shop to work I I drive down the country lanes to get to the big city of Warrenton (insert laugh here) I pass the Fauquier Springs Country Club.  Yesterday morning the clubs road was lined with rather large American flags (nope didn't get a picture), in my mind that could only mean one thing...the wounded warriors were coming to town.  As I got closer to town I knew it was the day, people were walking towards old town with their little American flags to wave and dogs in red/white/blue scarves.  So...I open the store, turn on the lights, the promptly lock the door behind me and walk the 20 paces up to the corner to stand and welcome this great bunch of guys/gals to our little town.  Keeping an eye on the store I see our first customer of the day, Rose, "hey Rose, come join us on the street corner", then the second customer, Eve, showed up, then Astrid..

Quilting helpers

When I sit down to sew this is what I find under my feet, behind my chair, or beside my chair but it's a sure guarantee that they will both be right there with me.  Zele will often take a paw and lay it on my free foot but there have been times when she wants to "help" me push the foot pedal...not a good thing when you're trying to keep an accurate 1/4" seam.  Stella is happy to either lay beside me or put her head on my lap.  Sometimes it's a challenge having to crawl over one of them to iron or cut but I wouldn't trade it for all the tea in China.  Guess who else wants to be in on the action... you'll notice she even has her own quilt to lay on.  The minute she hears the sewing machine she starts meowing to be picked up and brought downstairs.  So while I enjoying sewing solo I'm never really alone...I have the three girls hanging with I guess you can say I have three quilting helpers...So tell you have helpers in your sewing sp

Wordless Wednesday


Do you Breakfast?  Does it look like this? or like this... or more like this... I'm not a breakfast kind of girl...I enjoy a good cup of coffee first thing while I sit and read up on what happened over night, and while I don't have anyone to do pretty coffee art in my cup each morning it doesn't matter...I still enjoy a good hot cup of joe.  After I've had my shower then I do eat some sort of breakfast but I'm not really a breakfast kind of girl, give me an oat-bar some natural peanut butter and I'm a happy gal.  I do enjoy a good piece of bacon but save that for a special treat and grew up on sausage gravy and biscuts...but even though I enjoy both of those very "healthy" breakfast foods...LOL...I don't really eat them.  So tell me...what do you have for breakfast each morning? Have a great day...and enjoy a good cup of joe... Kelly Ann