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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday


I use to enjoy the hunt, prowling through the aisles, looking for my prey then bouncing when the perfect one was found but then it lost it's appeal, no longer fun it appeared that my shopping days were behind me.  But recently I started shopping with my camera instead of my credit card (don't worry, I still buy) and I gotta say I see more now then I ever did before or maybe I see things differently...let me take you along on my latest shopping "trip"... off to Luckett's Store in Luckett's VA... I did manage to come home with a little something and Andrew managed to come home with a new car but that's for another post.... Until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Silent Sunday

LOL...was gonna do a picture but then y'all know me well enough that the whole Silent Sunday thing would never work...I can get by with Wordless Wednesday but Silent Sunday...yep not gonna happen... Instead I'll leave you with this... It's a beautiful day  until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday Las Vegas Style

I'm back....

Wow...I just looked and the last time I blogged was July 1st...hmmmm...I bet you're thinking I didn't have anything to say...okay, I'm betting y'all that know me were not thinking that.  Nope, I was busying getting ready to go on vacation, then we headed out, came back and we are 11 days later.  I bet you're wondering what we did on vacation and would love to see all the pictures and hear the exciting times...well...I do have a few pictures but as far as exciting times we did some chillaxin by the pool at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.  I start off by saying this, Las Vegas in July is hot and we knew this but what we didn't know was that it was also crowded with kids..OMG..I'm talking lots and lots of kids.  After spending our mornings hangin' at the pool complex we'd take some nice cool showers, cool as in the temperature not as in hip.  Off to lunch and some serious people that's when I needed my camera

Two Color Quilt

All the chatter earlier this year about the Red & White Quilt Show in New York City (why do I always want to say New York City twice in a row?), okay back to the quilt show, you might remember reading about it on Pat Sloan's Blog , or over on the LizzieBCreative Girls blog or here on Roseann's blog .  I've been thinking about this and I've always loved two color quilts so I've decided to start one and why wait till I retire, which is my favorite thing to say "when I retire I'm gonna make all the quilts in my head"...well I'm not waiting. The reason for not starting it earlier was because I couldn't decide if I wanted to do a red & white, blue & white, brown & green...o'my the color combination can go on and on. So...are ya wondering what I decided to do?  When I sat down to write this blog I was gonna disclose my color choice but decided that it would be more fun to keep y'all on pins & needles and will disclose