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Not much sewing

Not much sewing going on around here. After having the store closed for two days because of the s-word and ice I've been busy trying to get the place organized. I find it amazing how many phone books one small quilt shop can accumulate, which gets me to wondering, does anyone still use those big phone books? I can't tell you the last time I actually used a real phone book, it's much easier to go online, then that got me to wondering, what in the world would we do without the internet ? We'll be watching tv and we'll see an actress and wonder "what was she one"? Andrew pulls up his trusty laptop and wala we've got an answer. Don't ya just love technology! Happy Quilting and I really mean Happy Quilting cause I'm gonna do some quilting this weekend, wahooooo .


So it stopped snowing and now we've got ice. I had a meeting this morning at 9:00am so a trip that normally takes 12 minutes took me more then 30, the roads were icky. With no sign of relief from the weather I decided to keep the store closed for another day. I didn't get any sewing done this morning but I did get a nap this afternoon, man did that feel good. So if you have ice outside your house be careful, if it looks wet it is, it's just frozen wet! Stay Warm and Happy Quilting or Happy Napping.


Stella doesn't seem to mind the snow, take a lookie she's even have herself alittle sit...and a cold bum! This is the few from the back deck...yes it is beautiful but it's sooooo cold and wet. The roads are bit tricky so we decided to keep the store closed today so I get to stay home and play. Life is sweet, I've got a gingerbread cake in the oven, a dog under my feet and I'm getting ready to cut out a shop sample. So, what do y'all like to do with you unplanned day off? I hope we get to work tomorrow, I know why push it? well, we got a box of fabric in and I can't wait to's calling my name. Stay Warm, Stay Dry and Happy Quilting

Chek out this GiveAway

Before we dash off to Baltimore to see the niece today I wanted to share this blog, Kim at bitty bits & pieces , a comment and you can register for a give-away...bloggers are so nice! We're gonna get some s-word tomorrow so pay attention and watch me grumble my way through the day, I might even post pictures... Happy Quilting....

Which Way Did He Go

I love flying geese, the real ones and the ones that dance across our quilts, so when I found this pattern it was a must for last years Stash Busters Club. Jackie & took turns making the projects for Stash Busters and each month it was my turn I would tag that for someone's birthday or Christmas present. This one is finally finished, did the last stitch on the binding last night while watching CSI ( tivo'd ). I'll be giving this to Trish (second Saturday girl) for her birthday, I know you're wondering if she'll read this post before I give it to her, nope, can't even shame her into reading any blogs not even mine. This morning after she unwraps it I'll let her know that y'all got to see it first. While figuring out a name for this quilt I didn't what to simply call it Trish's quilt so "Which Way Did He Go" sounded just right, the geese can't figure out which way the leader of the flock went. When Andrew and I first got

Update on National Pie Day

Okay, so I didn't stop at Mom's tonight on my way home but I did stop at Joe & Vinny's....and a pie is a pie is a pie... happy eating....

National Pie Day

Wahooo....It's National Pie Day....who knew? not me, actually I found out from reading Kim's blog . I love pie, cherry being on top of my list but any pie with cool whip on top works for me. Because I didn't know that such a great holiday was upon us I don't have time to make one for tonight but I bet if I stop by Mom's Apple Pie they'll have something special for me to bring home. If this special day fell during the summer I would hit Sue, she's our Pie Lady at the farmers market, she makes the worlds best black bottom banana cream pie....dang my mouth is starting to water up just thinking of Sue's pie. I'm lucky or could be unlucky in that the farmers market is steps from the front door of the store, every Saturday April-Nov I take a stroll over before we open on Saturday morning and check out what's in season, and guess what? Sue's pies are always in season.... Go Forth and Eat Some Pie....and happy quilting

Start of a Heart

I've been reading lots of post about people making Valentine heart quilts, wall hangings, just general heart stuff so I said why not, let me give this a try. Okay, now remember that I own a quilt shop so you would think I would have plenty of stash to pull from to piece some scrappy hearts, well NOT! So I started with what I had and so far this is what I have so guess you could say it's a start of a heart! Now take a look at how big the heart turned out, holy mackerel, this was suppose to be a sweet small wall hanging, at this size I could cover the whole wall. I'm thinking I'm gonna do a small inner border of the background fabric to enlarge the "white" space, then a little flange, and finally an outer border. But first I need to make this big bad baby straight, don't ya just love those square rulers? they help fix some of those not so square blocks.'s suppose to hit 40 today...WAHOOOOOOO. Happy quilting...but still stay warm!

Belated Birthday to Kim

Last night we celebrated a belated birthday to Kim from the Sugah Bees. Here are a few of the goodies she received She got a Square bag and can you see that pretty little pin cushion that matches, Nanette made that and there's alittle bag (can't remember the name) that Kim got from Charlyne. We had homemade cookies from Nanette and then made some cards. Kim is a Stampin' Up rep so she brought some fun cards for us to make. We don't get together as often as we liked but still have a good time when we do. I'm working on a Valentine wall hanging using jelly roll strips and gotta say it's gonna be too cute, I'll post pics when I'm done. Stay warm and Happy Quilting

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Sylvia.....3 what a big girl! love A.Kelly & U. Andrew


Did ya ever notice that weather seems to be the one subject that everyone can talk about with having some kind of argument, unless it deals with how cold is stinkin' cold. So, while yesterday was stinkin' cold today is just plain cold, got up this morning and it was a balmy 25, I actually stood outside for a few minutes with the girls, you'll notice I said a few minutes because while 25 is warmer then 1 it's by no means warm. This is what I'll be thinking of today while I'll sew another one of my crazy square bags because you know, that summer will be here soon and while some of you love this winter weather this southern chickie wants the heat! Happy Quilting and keep thinking of warm thoughts

Stinkin' Cold

See that number on the far right, yep you got it right, it was 1 this morning when I got up...too stinkin' cold for this southern girl!!! Keep a quilt on your lap today and stay warm... Happy Quilting

One down one to go

So this is what I started with two nights ago......and..... this is what I ended up with. Sylvia's Spinning Geese. I made the geese using the Blank Fabrics Shade Cascades designed by Karen Combs . I love making flying geese and with the help of the Flying Geese X4 ruler from Lazy Girls they are soooooo easy. Now that I have Sylvia's done it's on to the other for.....can't tell you now or show pictures but I promise to post once I get it away....keep watching... Happy the way it was 7 outside this morning when I got up....didn't even go get the paper...again....too stinkin cold for man or beast!!

A New Day

This is the few under my feet, it doesn't matter if I'm at my desk or sewing cabinet this is what I find. If you'll notice both of the girls are comfortable on their nice double fleece blanket. I sat down to blog on my binding that I didn't work on last night but to prove that I'm ready here's a photo of part of the quilt tonight while watching American Idol I plan on getting on the hand work. Last night a couple of us from work got together for our "official" Christmas, gifts and food, can't ask for more then that. Here's what I got from Nanette it's call a puff quilt or biscuit quilt, but not the kind of biscuit you have with sausage but it's still fluffy. For now I'll be keeping it on the back of my sewing/computer chair but I can see the cat wanting to have a nice soft spot to lay while I spend my hours sewing away. That's all for now, need to get ready to seize the day but how do you seize the day when it's so st

Binding, Binding & more Binding

While reading through the latest blogs from blog-land I've noticed alot of people out there finishing up UFO's and getting binding on all those quilts, well add my name to that list. This weekend I managed to get a wall-hanging quilted and the binding on and I also got the binding on Miss Syliva's quilt, now just for the hand work. Both quilts needed to be done by this weekend, Trish's is overdue because her birthday was December 30 th and Miss Syliva is having her third birthday January 19 th . We'll be traveling up to Baltimore or " Bawlmer " as the local say on Sunday to spend a few hours with the cutest kid around, we'll have some cake then head back to the country. Okay, back the the quilting.....So normally I quilt on the long-arm at the store but thought "what the heck" I'll quilt Trish's wall-hanging at home on the I completely forgot how tiring on the shoulder quilting on a regular sewing machine is.

New Links

Okay everyone out there, I updated my blog list of the blogs I follow...check them out. Make sure and check out Bunny Hill's blog for the free, yep I said free,'s gonna be a cutie when all is said and done. Happy Quilting to all and stay warm....don't ya'll just love these socks....

Happy New Year

Happy New Year.... Sorry so late in posting these happy thoughts but we've been without internet since the morning of the 31st, talk about going through withdrawals. I'm catching up on the other blogs I follow and read on one that whatever you do on the first day of the new year that you'll be doing that all year long, hmmmm....let me see, I took down the Christmas decorations (the house looks so naked), did laundry, took a nap and actually did some sewing, so of all of those things I think I'll spend 2009 sewing, yeah for me!!! I'm still working on Christmas presents, a couple more to finish and hand out this coming week. I've already decided what I'm doing for Christmas 2009 and can't wait to get started, I'll post my progress as the year goes. Well better late then not at from my family to yours may you all have a Happy New Year with good fortune throughout 2009! Happy Quilting