Friday, January 23, 2009

National Pie Day

Wahooo....It's National Pie Day....who knew? not me, actually I found out from reading Kim's blog. I love pie, cherry being on top of my list but any pie with cool whip on top works for me. Because I didn't know that such a great holiday was upon us I don't have time to make one for tonight but I bet if I stop by Mom's Apple Pie they'll have something special for me to bring home. If this special day fell during the summer I would hit Sue, she's our Pie Lady at the farmers market, she makes the worlds best black bottom banana cream pie....dang my mouth is starting to water up just thinking of Sue's pie. I'm lucky or could be unlucky in that the farmers market is steps from the front door of the store, every Saturday April-Nov I take a stroll over before we open on Saturday morning and check out what's in season, and guess what? Sue's pies are always in season....
Go Forth and Eat Some Pie....and happy quilting

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