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Happy Easter

Happy Easter to each and everyone one of my Peeps.... Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann

Quilters Cruzin'

Last year my friends Susan & Christine of Swirly Girls Design asked me if I wanted to be the shop sponsor of their cruise that was going to take place in March of 2013...sure...why not I said. Well maybe I didn't say that right off the bat but what it comes down to is I did say yes and one year later we just returned from the Caribbean and am already planning next years cruise with them, and you can sign up now! We had quilters from all over the place, even Valerie from Canada came along for the ride. A wonderful group of ladies from Michigan, Ohio, loads from Virginia, Maryland, Alabama and Pennsylvania. Hopefully I didn't miss a state...they really were a great group to play with. I thought I took a ton of pictures of the ladies quilting but it appears that the only pictures on my camera were of the after quilting fun. But I can still show your those... Michelle from Quilt Retreats at Sea  set up a nice little cocktail party for us, what