Monday, December 31, 2018

More looking back at 2018

Yesterday was so much fun I thought I'd add more "looking back" for 2018







November - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas


Until Next Year
Be Kind

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Memory Ornaments

Leslee made these ornaments that hung on our tree at KAQ...using scraps from the shop, she stuffed these little plastic ornaments with bright colored bits of fabric love. You can pick up the ornaments from Michaels, Jo-Ann's or the Dollar Tree.

As you cut your fabric in 2019 and make quilts, runners or any quilty project, save slivers and place in one of the ornaments, and you'll have a memory ornament to give along with the gift.

Because I'll be doing so much with wool in the coming year, I'll be making a few ornaments with wool bits. Can you think of anything else you can add to them to capture the memory of the craft you do?

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Saturday, December 29, 2018

A Year in Pictures




April - 1st Baseball game of the season

May - Mom and her sister

June - Quilters Cruise

July - Washington Nationals Game

August - Readers' Choice Winner





Until Next Time
Be Kind

Friday, December 28, 2018

Rain, Rain...Go Away

There is a line in the movie, Men in Black II...

You aren't sad because it rains, it rains because you are sad

Well, I'm gonna tell ya...I'm sad because of the rain. We've had so much rain that the moss is growing moss. Our yard is a hot mess, can't keep up on cleaning the pawprints off the floor and everything just feels soggy.

All this rain makes me want to jump on a ship and head south...

What do you like to do on a rainy day?? One of my favorite rainy day things to do, nap, but today I'll be working with Leslee as we continue with counting fabric and updating inventory...don't you want to come and help us out??

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Post Holiday Update

It's been 6 days since my last post, and that is for a good reason. I closed my laptop and spent time with family and good friends, and to me, that was more important than keeping up with the blog challenge.

I kept the phone face down so not a lot of pictures, but I did manage to snap a few and share a few of those that did get some.

Christmas Cookies by Angie's sister

Christmas Eve dinner table

Me & Mom

Chris & Shiona, Isaac, Hailee, Kaehlia

Angie, sister from an another mother

 We did Christmas Eve with my nephew and his family at my SIL's house, she was in Florida with her sister. This was the first anniversary of my brother's death, Angie hosted our Christmas Eve dinner and games, and it was a fun time spent with family. While we were sad at missing my brother his friends did something that was perfect...

They brought the cut out of him in his top hat and tux to his house Christmas afternoon and toasted him, they could not have remembered him in any better fashion.

Christmas Day we spent time with my sister from another mother, Colleen and her husband, Larry. We've been friends for almost 35 years, and just spending the day with them, Andrew and mom, was the perfect way to cap off the holiday. Larry's brother and sister-in-law joined us for dinner, it was fun having a full table of friends and family.

We did gifts, and again, I left my phone turned over, so no pictures. I gave mom this black & white quilt, she snapped a picture once she got home.

Mom's Quilt
I sent this quilt to my mother-in-law in Chicago, she lives in an assisted living facility, and she called to tell me it brightens up her little place.

Mother-in-law with her quilt
We got back on the road December 26 to head home, our pups were happy to be home and to see us.'s the week between Christmas and New Years, and that can only mean one thing in retail...inventory! We did all of the small stuff but that leaves fabric, so for the next three days we're holding a finish the bolt sale, 25% off, skinny or fat the bolts need to go.

Until Next Time
Be Kind

A family selfie

A Dream

Warning...this blog post may cause some tears, but believe me, that are happy ones. I had a dream last night, and my father was in it. No...