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I would like to introduce you to the newest addition to my sewing studio, KVART Don't you just love the names that Ikea gives their products. I was looking for a goose neck light for my hand applique and came across this one today while shopping at Ikea with my BFF . My BFF is Colleen, we've been friends almost 25 years, which is sort of hard to believe because I'm barely over 25 myself. Happy Friendship & Happy Quilting

Ready to Go

Finally, I'm ready to start cutting my Kaffe quilt. I started buying these fabrics when I went to Quilting Adventures in Richmond VA a couple of years ago. Shortly after my trip to Richmond I went to The Artful Quilter in Centreville VA for the piece of fabric that's laying across the top of the picture. I was still short a couple of yards to start my project, well leave it to my good friend Jackie to lend a helping hand. No, she did not pull from her stash, please check the previous post showing her birthday present to see what you might find in her stash. While on her birthday weekend getaway she found a quilt shop that had a ton of Kaffe and she called and said "okay tell me what you need", how's that for a friend? I now have my nine yards for my scrappy block look, notice I'm not telling what I'm doing, I want it to be a surprise. So keep watching and I'll be sure to give you a weekly update on my Kaffe to Go Quilt, yep it already has a


What does a Ukulele have to do with quilting? nothing, I just like the word... Happy Music & Happy Quilting

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Jackie... Jackie loves, and I mean loves reproduction prints, 30's and before so for her birthday I put together some stuff and ended up with this Cake Stand quilt.........what do ya think? Please notice that Zele wanted in the picture and seeing that Jackie is always calling Zele her dog I thought I'd let her get into the act. So Happy Birthday Jackie and Happy Quilting

First Quilts

As I was reading around blogland this morning I came across Judy's from Patchwork Times about first quilts and I knew I had to join in on this fun. My first quilt was a lap log cabin, along with my next 10 or more quilts. I learned to quilt from a friend that worked at a cross-stitch with me while living in New Hampshire, jeeze louise whatelse is there to do when there's a ton of s-stuff on the ground and it's wicket cold outside. What my friend taught me was, yep, you guessed it, the log cabin block, gotta say I got good at flipping those suckers around to come up with the almost unlimited ways they go together. So here it is...the well used and very loved first quilt. The binding is becoming frayed, there'a hole in one corner that Zele did while a puppy but all of that is okay because like I said it's still very loved. Tell me about your first quilt, do ya use it, love it or did ya give it away...drop me aline and tell me about your first quilt. Happy Q


Okay, I didn't find it but Jean did...Thanks Jean for finding my Mojo , you're the best. Yes, I'm sewing again, not as much as I want but I'm getting some stuff done. I'll post more once this crazy wind dies down but for now I have to go have a golden retriever surgically removed from my leg. Stella hates the wind so she pretty much stays glued to either me or Andrew.... Happy Quilting

Let's Do Some Quilting!

I'm only going to show you a tad of Emma because I don't want to ruin the surprise to our upcoming Strip Club , but isn't she "charming"? I've been working on Emma this weekend and finally got her ready to quilt. Now I don't know about y'all but I don't do alot of quilting on my sewing machine because I have a gammill at the store but I really need to get this one done before Thursday so off to the Sapphire I go. As you can see I'm ready to start quilting, I have my wonderful Sapphire 870 , my quilting gloves, scissors and yes that's right a nice big glass of red wine. Please don't worry about the machine as the wine will be moved (or finished) before I even start to quilt but I thought I'd show you that I do practice what I teach. In my basic machine quilting class I talk about having a glass of wine to get all loose, to relax so that when you're done with your quilt your shoulders aren't touching your ears. So on the


With all of the cold weather and my forgetfulness in wearing gloves my poor thumbs are suffering. I have band-aids on both thumbs where the skin splits, I know y'all have had this happen to you and it stinks. But here's what really stinks, I'm trying to pin borders on and I keep pinning the band-aids to the fabric, the first time was funny but by the 6th or 7th time I knew it was time to call it a night. So...........Good Night and may your dreams be filled with fabric


Has anyone seen my MoJo ? It appears after reading several blogs this week that I'm not the only one searching for my MoJo . It's either the after Christmas sewing crash, the winter blahs or an alien has come to earth and stolen our MoJo. Today I'll be spending the day looking, searching, pouring through my stacks of stuff looking, but if you should find it first please let me know because I'm missing my MoJo....... Happy Quilting

Bath Day

Today was bath day around here and there are two not so happy pups. They've started to dry out but if there's a sunny spot Zele will claim it as her own. They really needed their baths and with all the yucky weather we've been having today seemed like as a good day as any. Can you believe that a couple days ago we had snow and ice and today it's suppose to get up in 50's, well the only thing I can say about that is, "bring it on". We don't normally have such cold temperatures here but this winter is kicking our butts, we haven't gotten the snow and ice that most have but we sure have had the extreme cold ..... brrrrrr . Here's a picture of the Ginger Cake I made last week, just found it on the camera. The first day the cake was wonderful but it didn't take long for it to start drying out, guess I'll need to play with the recipe to see what the deal is. We're gonna head over to Tim & Pam's for the Super Bowl...I&#