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Father's Day

This Sunday is Father's Day and while my father is no longer with us I can still wish him and all the father's a happy day... Hugs your dads this weekend... Miss you Dad... Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday


I know several of y'all follow me on Facebook with my Kelly Ann's Quilting page but did you know that I have another page Stinkin' Cute with KA and if you follow me you'll find out that I am GA-GA over anything galvanized. If I can find a picture and share it and a galvanized item is part of it then that's like a two-for...two stinkin' cute items in one... So I was beside myself when I came across this blog Savvy City Farmer and check our her blog post from May 15th Ga-Ga for Galvanized she shed some light on how this wonderful object came to be... I don't know Joy but I think I'll continue to stalk, oops...meant follow her blog... Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann