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Cruising ~ Part 1

This was our fifth quilters cruise, and another fun trip was had by all. We always start off our cruises with a selfie ~ doesn't everyone? Selfie & Cocktails on the ship Usually, we are at sea on our first full day on the ship but this year was a little different. Our first full day was spent in Nassau in Bermuda, Susan and I hung out by the pool while the guys took a walk around the town. Lunchtime we made our way back to our staterooms because the quilters were expecting us at 2pm. By 4:30 it was time for our meet & greet cocktail event put on by Michelle & Jacquelyn.  Introduction time If you've been on a cruise you know that there is assigned tables in the Main dining room ~ our table mates this year was Susan & Mike (small table) ~ so we decided to have guest tablemates throughout the cruise to get to know our new friends a little bit better. Dinner time Some fun towel animals. Sexy towel animal At sea

Blogging and Cruising

Two words you don’t normally see together ~ and for a very good reason ~ blogger is not very friendly with the iPad and my trust laptop is sitting at home on my desk. But don’t dispare ~ there is always Instagram and you know the old saying “a picture is with a thousand words” So follow me on Instagram and it will be like you are right there with us on the ship..sort of...maybe...kind of..okay, not really but it will still be fun to follow along with our adventures. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2018quilterscruise #Pineappleparade #funinthesun

Are you a fan???

I am a HUGE fan of musicals ~ movies, or on the stage ~ I love to sing along in my head, which is good cause I can't carry a tune in a bucket. or make that three buckets. I watched Pitch Perfect 3 on my way home from Seattle a few weeks ago and now can't get enough of watching musicals.  I've had this earworm for a few days, it came from the movie South Pacific, and now I want to sit down and watch the whole thing. Happy Talk Listen for yourself here ! Do you have a favorite musical? Do you sing along in your head or are you brave enough to sing out loud for all to hear? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2018HappyTalk

Countdown to Row By Row

June 21st will find quilters all across the globe plugging in addresses into their GPS' and Waze heading out to collect some really cool rows for the 2018 Row by Row Experience . Each year a theme is selected, and quilt shops begin planning their rows, figuring out fabric, kits, displays and fun ways to draw in the customers. For the last several years I've been lucky enough to be the coordinator for Virginia and just this year I've picked up West Virginia. This gives me a heads up on some of the coolest rows in our region. I've also been known to stalk a few other states because honestly, there are some really amazing rows out there. This year's theme is, Sew Musical, and WOWzer, some shops have gone above and beyond the call to duty when designing their row. Another cool thing this year is the new shapes, this is allowing for the shops to be more creative. With names like, Long Tall Sally, Foxy Boxy and Short & Sassy (like me), to name a few, it's

Decisions ...

I can stitch ~ in a car I can stitch ~ on a plane I can stitch ~ on a boat Which of these three things will I be doing a week from today? We head out one week from today for Florida ~ destination Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port. We'll spend one full day on the road and part of another before we hit our hotel. We leave land Saturday morning and if you saw my last post you know that I am going flat out right now. With everything else I need to do before we leave I need to decide what I'm gonna work on ~ Should it be ~  A little H alloween ? A cute little stinkin' cute pillow Or this stinkin' cute squirrel? I'm afraid I might take a few of them and hope I can at least one of them done on the road. Back to my to-do list. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #countdowntocruise

Going Flat Out

I'm just about a week away from leaving on our quilters cruise, so I am going flat out ~ so much to do ~ so little time. I'm pretty sure I'm the queen of procrastination ~ See ... I have a crown to prove it! As usual, my weekend flew by ~ just a reminder, my weekend is Sunday/Monday. I did some prepping for my sewing projects for the cruise on Sunday and worked on them again today. But I also went grocery shopping, laundry, planted flowers (can't wait to show you) and went looking for some new tops for the cruise. I can't show you what I'm working on because we like to surprise the quilters, but I will give you a tease. I'm loving this pineapple fabric, and it is perfect for our projects for the cruise. This is the quilt the quilters will be making on this year's cruise ~ I'm in LOVE with the colors and all the cool piecing. Susan used the Michael Miller fabric line, Project Dovetail, when designing this quilt.  Gonn

National Donut Day

YES we know, there are National days for everything but this is one that must be taken seriously. On Friday, June 1, we celebrated National Donut Day at KAQ with Duck Donuts . Our friend Linda picked up two dozen on her way to GO!GO! Club and we opened them up to share with everyone. Drool Hmmm...which one will I pick? Yep ~ chocolate sprinkles ~ I shocked everyone by not picking the BACON one but the BACON is smokey and I don't do smokey food. So tell me...did you celebrate National Donut Day? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2018NationaDonutDay