Saturday, November 29, 2008

Check this out

I've added a few of the Blogs that I follow to my Blog page, take a look to see what I'm might find that we're following the same cool would that be.
Happy Blogging & Happy Quilting
ps: the dog nor cat are ours but I thought this picture was too cute not to share.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gobble till you Wobble

Kids say the darnest many times have we heard this. Just the other day a customer walked in and told me her son said to her about Thanksgiving "it's all about the food". My wish for all of you as you sit around the table with your family and friends is to have a very happy and full-feeling day!!!
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Quilting

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby it's Cold Outside!

Baby it's cold outside! I started a post on Tuesday from my office upstairs in the store as I watched the first "snowfall" of the year. I say "snowfall" because it was nothing more then flurries but still it was snow. I'm one of those people that have a love/hate relationship with snow. When I was younger I had this wonderful fantasy about snow falling around a covered bridge, sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, playing with my dog, well this scene happened. When I married Andrew he swooped me off my feet and landed me smack in the middle of that scene. I moved to New Hampshire about a mile from a covered bridge and it was right out of a Norman Rockwell picture until my new husband informed me that while he was happy that I had shoveled the driveway I would need to do that every two hours to stay on top of things. What, was he kidding, nope, so for my first winter in New England I got my snow, covered bridge, fire, hot chocolate, playing with Maggie-Dog in the snow and shoveling...lots and lots of shoveling, 125+ inches of shoveling. So that's where my love/hate relationship started with snow. So stop by the store and watch me get excited about snow falling, then stop by the store and watch me grumble while I help my landlord and shovel the sidewalk.
Happy Quilting and Stay Warm

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sew yes but Sew What

What perfect day to sew, sew what you say, sew anything. It's foggy, rainy and just plain yucky out today, I'll be working but what better place to be stuck then in the store. If we're busy great if not then I get to sew, sew what you ask, sew anything. I had gotten real good about sewing something daily if even for 10 minutes but that habit doesn't take long to get out of but I think today, again depending on how busy, I'm gonna cut out a table runner and sew. I've been wanting a new table runner for Christmas and what better time to start, maybe it'll actually make it on the table this year. This one I'll post as soon as I get it done, it's gonna be way cool. Mirror Image is the name of the pattern, we used it in Stash Busters last month and now I keep seeing the potential in loads of fabric and because I added the leaf to my table I might make mine I think I'm gonna need more fabric, shoot, guess I gotta do some shopping today.
stay dry and Happy Quilting

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I normally only have one cup of coffee a day, starting the day with one cup and the morning funnies just sets the tone for the day. What a surprise I had when we picked up some new coffee at the recently opened Wegmans in Gainsville, we talked to their coffee guy and he recommended the City Blend, what a guy. I'm a one cup a day kind of girl but this new coffee could really change my mind. If it weren't for the caffeine I think I could drink this stuff all day, but could y'all see me on coffee all day, yikes.

What a great cup of joe....what a happy day!!!
Happy Quilting and have a cup.....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time Change

Okay who wasn't ready for this time change....It's been so hard getting up in the morning when it's still dark, even the girls want to sleep in but now that the time has changed and the sun is up before 6:30 it'll be so much easier to get going in the morning. I'll put this theory to test on Tuesday. With all of the talk about long lines for voters I'll be getting up with Andrew and we're heading to the polling place by 6:00. Some of you know that we live in Jeffersonton and it not being the biggest town in Culpeper county we shouldn't have to wait too long but who knows maybe everyone will be thinking the same and we'll meet our neighbors at 6:00am with sleepy-time hair.

Almost done with my Stash Busters quilt and not soon enough because the Saturday session meets this coming week, yikes!

Okay, here are your reminders....change your smoke alarm batteries and don't forget to vote...what a great country we live in....Happy Quilting

A Dream

Warning...this blog post may cause some tears, but believe me, that are happy ones. I had a dream last night, and my father was in it. No...