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Keep Calm

the poster says it all.... until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday

Signs of the Wind

You know it's windy when you see this... a witch on a bicycle an umbrella flying on it's on.... and the most obvious sign that it's windy outside.... Comb Over Alert.... Until Next time... be Kind Kelly Ann

It's changing again...

the weather that is....  I think we all live in one of those places that has the saying "if you don't like the weather just wait a few hours and it will change"  on Monday it was 70, Tuesday 40, Wednesday 50...and by tomorrow we might see the high 70's...but Tuesday we might see snow showers...  I'm thinking that rodent in Punxsutawney better watch is back... until next time... from the grand teacher on Karate Kid Coat On... Coat Off....  Repeat... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Valentines Day

On the 14th of February it's all about the sweethearts... Young Love.... Middle Age...oops...wrong Middle Age.. Middle Age Love... Older Age Love Whatever your age of love I wish you a lovely Valentines Day... and may all your hearts be sweet.... Until Next time.... Smoochies all around... Kelly Ann


This morning as I'm having my coffee and reading blogs, news and just generally checking in with the world I came across this article about Valentines Day.  Nothing says I love you more then naming a Madagascar hissing cockroach after your loved one...what, have got to be kidding me.  First let me say, eeeeeeeewwwwwwww, and second, I'm thinking it's not such a good idea.  Who in the world comes up with these ideas, are there are bunch of people sitting around a table and someone pipes up with.."hey you know how we can raise some money".    So...what are you getting your sweetheart for Valentines Day?   candy, flowers, card, jewelry or naming rights for a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach until next time... Be Kind...


Make that FRIGID up this morning to a temperature of 15 degrees, now I know for those of you in the frozen tundra, like my friend Mrs. Dilly-Dally or Barbie Jo 15 is a walk in the park but for this southern gal....OMG...I'm freezing my patootie off.  On February 2 Phil was proclaimed to not see his shadow so 6 weeks till spring, but then if he saw his shadow 6 weeks left of winter...LOL, I love that joke, anywho, it appears that a groundhog can predict the weather and so if the case and the 2nd was a week ago then Spring is 5 weeks away and it should start getting warmer not COLDER.  So like most weatherman I guess it's okay that Phil can be right 50% of the time. So... until next time.... Stay Warm... and I'll send my new address when we move south... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday


I have an new obsession...Chickens...yes I know, I've gone over the deep end but hear me out.  I've been following some great fiber blogs and most that have fiber animals also have chickens and I came across this picture... now you tell me...wouldn't this design make some beautiful fabric? Well...before you knew it I was clicking and saving pictures of chickens day and night so I just knew it was time to confess...but come on, you take a look at some of these pictures and you tell me...couldn't you see yourself clicking and saving? how did that last one get in there? until next time... Be Kind... and... do some Chicken Dancin Kelly Ann

Game or Ads or Halftime?

Okay...tell the truth, do you watch the Super Bowl for the game or the ads?  I enjoy watching the game, some games are better then others but this year was a pretty exciting game, I love to watch the Packers but just as much enjoy watching the Steelers so I was cheering each time a touch down was made regardless of the team. The halftime show this year blew me out of the water, it was amazing to watch the Black Eyed Peas live, actual live singing, no pretaping for this group. Halftime is traditionally the time to run for more snacks but not this year it was sing along time...and sing I did, not sure how much the rest of my peeps in the room felt about that. There were a few of the ads that I got a good laugh out of but for the most part to me they seemed to lack the entertainment factor except for the one with the little " darth vader " this cracked me up everytime I saw. So tell me...what do you like to watch?  or better yet do you even watch the Super Bowl? until ne

Creative Friends

I have some really creative friends and when they get published it makes me do.... so let me do some... for Janet at The Empty Nest ...Janet also has an shop The Empty Nest see Janet was recently published in not one but two magazines... Apronology and Altered Couture Magazine  Janet does some real creative things with repurposed items she finds at her local Salvation Macys and does some of the coolest stuff with fabric, jumbo rick rack and any number of fun emblishments.  So take a pop over to her blog and she what she's been up to...and tell her I sent ya.... until next time... Be Kind.... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday