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Edgar the Elf

Our Christmas mascot, Edgar the Elf , is up to some fun this year...Check out the video and pop in and see us. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017Edgartheelf

On the Tip of my Fingers

I sat down this morning and started a blog post about a cool new tool.. then got side tracked with the wonder boy..aka BodhiPup.. and all of those words that were on the tip of my fingers... GONE...  image courtesy of   image courtesy of So...that post will need to wait till I set up the video camera so y'all can see just how cool it is...and I won't have to worry about the words flying off the tips of my fingers. Until Next time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017forgettingwords


Picture courtesy from Garden Whimsies by Mary As we enter the last month of the year, it is also the craziest month of the year. Parties, shopping, wrapping, baking...but STOP...take a deep breath and slow down.  Let's all promise each other that we will enjoy this Christmas season. My friend Suzanne over at My Retired Life on the Prairie  has a bucket list ... a very impressive bucket list .. after reading her post and her list it got me to thinking.  Being in retail we start thinking about Christmas in January...and by July we've got our products out and people are having Christmas in July's nuts but it's the life we live. By the time December arrives most of us are thinking of inventory not baking cookies or wrapping. You can forget about making homemade gifts...I think most of us are deep in to planning our next years events that this season whizzes by and we frantically write out our shopping list and throw our gifts in bags. Well I s


As winter starts to set in I've started dreaming of this... June 2018 we'll be traveling with Quilt Retreat at Sea  ... and I can't wait... This is our 5th cruise with Susan from Swirly Girls Design and Michelle and Jacquelyn from Quilt Retreat at Sea ... and we're gonna make this one the biggest! The goodies are being planned..Susan is busy designing the quilt...and as always, Michelle and Jacquelyn are busy planning excursions and putting the final details on setting up the conference room with the right amount of table space, sewing machines and ironing stations.. Speaking of sewing machines..did I tell you that you don't have to bring your own on the ship? Did I tell you about the "Bobbin Boy" never have to load your bobbin, change your needle or even thread your machine. You'll be sewing on top of the line Janomes and I can tell you from experience, I own one, they sew like a dream! So sit on Santa's lap and whisper in his

Wooly Block Adventure 2017

On Monday October 16 the 2017 Wooly Block Adventure kicks off and wow have they switched up the rules this year. This years theme is Harvest Baskets and the blocks are very creative this year with some great fall colors. My block is called "Wildflower Basket" .. this bittersweet wrapping itself around the fading wild sunflowers that grow along the roadways here in Virginia. Here are a few of the new changes: Purchase the kits online Purchase the patterns online Pick up a free pattern at participating shops Spotlight featured shops through-out the event on the website Wooly Block Group community on Facebook A PDF list of participating shops You can purchase our kit here or Your pattern here   - the pattern will be emailed to you as a PDF, so no shipping charges. So..pop over to the Wooly Block Adventure Facebook page and check out all the cool blocks..and let me know which one is your favorite.. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #WoolyBl

And again...

I feel like I do a blog post titled "time flies" or "where did the time go"...about every other month. My new goal for least once a's good to have goals, right? Right now my goals are to get the binding finished on my Quilters' Quest Shop Hop quilt to roll out the Wooly Block Adventure (check out their Facebook page) our block is done but now to get those kits cut.. and to add more products to our online store So you see I have lots of goals and this doesn't even take in to account the amount of time I spend with this fella.. at 15 weeks Bodhi is getting big and loving life and is a real handful..but he is a part-time shop pup. You'll find him on Tuesday, Friday & Saturday hanging out in his kennel, he's not a free range shop pup. So that's what I've been up to this summer... what about you.. what did you do on your summer vacation? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann

New Team Member

We always like to introduce the newest team member to KAQ and this time it is no exception. This journey started in June when we made a little trip to Boston VA to meet a sweet litter of pups Now I'm only guessing that these two pictures "may" be the new team member...cause they were all #stinkincute and all looked smooshy and lovey. Introducing Blackbird's Bodhi - we call him Bodhi - Bo-dee is how it is pronounced. A lot of people are asking where his name comes from. " in Buddhism is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding  the true nature of things . It is traditionally translated into English with the word  enlightenment , although its literal meaning is closer to "awakening". The verbal root "budh" means  to awaken ." Bodhi & Andrew (AKA. Mr. Kelly Ann) on the ride home Bodhi meeting big sister Stella T. Rottenbear Dog - as of today she is still unsure about him but she is getting better about

Phoebe Ann Mosey

Are you scratching your heading wondering who Phoebe Ann Mosey is? Let me give you a little history lesson and see if it comes to you... Born August 13, 1860 Her skill paid the mortgage on her mother's farm when she was only 15 years old. She married Frank Butler in 1882 Her and her husband joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West show in 1885 you know who I'm talking about yet? Annie Oakley As we were traveling the back roads of Ohio this past week we came across a sign that said "Annie Oakley gravesite"... I flipped on the blinker real quick and flipped the car around to check out things myself. You see..I love history and this was quirky enough for me to want to see for myself. To read more about Annie check out this website . You never know what you'll find along the backroads of America. So tell you stop to see the unique and quirky things as you travel? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017vacationtime

Game Changer

What do you think is the biggest game changer in your quilting world? For me it isn't just one thing..I could say rotary cutter, but that's a gimme. I think with each new generation of quilters someone is trying to be the quilt police. We often hear "you have to do this" "you have to do that" to be a quilter. My have to enjoy what you are doing... So..  Press those seams open...or not Cut on the length of the fabric...or not So.. Back to my original question..what do you think is the biggest game changer in your quilting world? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017EnjoyQuilting


This morning I shared this photo from The Sewing Loft  on my Facebook group, Kelly Ann's Creative Circle (you should join) .. anyway .. I asked the question when I shared it, Who's Gonna Sew This Weekend? Ebony Love over at Love Bug Studios  wrote a blog post on "How to find more time for sewing and quilting" So much of what Ebony wrote speaks to my soul.  Owning a Quilt Shop doesn't give me much time to sew. About 10 years ago I finally got a dedicated space to sew in and that made the world of difference in giving me time to sew. I don't get to sew like I want to, but I can dream I've read through the years that if you spend 10 minutes a day doing some form of sewing that it becomes a habit and before you know you've finished a project.  Challenge  - So I challenge you this summer - spend 10 minutes a day doing some type of sewing - using your machine - hand work - something - anything - let's turn this into a habit. Who&#


Okay ... I will admit it .. I am obsessed with Aurifil thread! This is my personal collection .. often you will find any of these colors in my machine ready to piece or quilt because here's the deal..if I'm gonna piece with beautiful bright fabric then why not piece with beautiful bright thread. Several years ago .. back in the day people were only piecing with black, white or cream then along came light gray, med gray and dark gray..but then came the khaki colors..yep, you guessed it, light, medium and dark khaki. I took a stand  and said STOP THE MADNESS! Aurifil Thread has some beautiful colors so why not use them all for everything. I'm often asked about the best weight of thread to use for different projects. 80wt - machine & hand applique 50wt - piecing & quilting 40wt - machine applique & quilting 28wt - top stitch quilting & hand quilting 12wt - hand embroidery & hand quilting 6 strand floss - hand embroidery, c

GO! GO! Club

DO YOU? Do you own a GO!Baby? GO! Cutter? GO! Big? When I announced that we were a Signature Dealer for Accuquilt right here on the blog  I made mention of our GO!GO! Club. TIME IS HERE! Starting June 30 & July 1 we are offering two sessions for our Accuquilt GO!GO! Club. Each month Pam & I will walk you through using your GO! cutters, correctly using your dies, give you a free pattern and so much more. DETAILS! Cost: $60 Date/Time: First weekend of the month. Fridays 10:30 start and Saturdays 10:00am start Supplies: Just bring yourself, it's a lecture demo/education club So..are you ready to sign up? Call today 540-341-8890 or pop in to sign up. Until Next Time Be Kind, Kelly Ann #2017GO!GO!Club

Are you ready to GO!

Tomorrow is the big day .. we are hosting Jeannie Miller who is an Accuquilt educator for two days and we couldn't be more excited. Jeannie is coming with her arms loaded with quilts to show off just a smidgen of what the Accuquilt GO! cutters can do. We offered up three session, with two filling up fast we still have a few seats left in our Friday afternoon, 2pm to 4pm, if you are in the local area and want to see what this amazing die cutters can do, give us a call and we can sign you up. But wait...there's more...each person that signs up and pays the $10 fee will receive a GO! bag that with a few'll get the $10 back in GO! Buck$..some tasty goodies..and a little kit that you can whip up in no time to make a Father's Day Mug Rug. So we hope you can join us for a few days of fun and laughter. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017GO!GO!GO!


What is the first thing we do when our dogs bark? We yell at them to stop..then they yell back..bark bark bark bark..there's something there I know it, really really, I hear, see, smell something..bark bark bark.. and we yell "knock it off" and more bark bark bark...I'm pretty sure that our pups think we are barking with them at what they hear, see or smell.  With a new puppy on the horizon we're trying something new with Stella T. Rottenbear Dog.. We've started with "quiet"...she barks, we say "quiet" then "good girl" ... she growls .. "quiet, good girl".. this morning we're watching a deer right outside our fence, she growls, I say "quiet" she looks over her shoulder at me "what, DEER..there's a DEER in the front..MOM...DEER" More "quiet" from me and lots of "good girl"..her loud bark turned to a growl with a small "woof"..then just a low growl. And th

Back in the day...

Do y'all remember when blogs were running full steam and there were all kinds of things to post for different days.. Mindless Monday Tuesday Tip Day Wordless Wednesday Throwback Thursday Finish up Friday I was looking back on post for a few years ago..and I in the world did I do Wordless having words..that just cracks me up. So on this Wednesday I give you...WORDS... Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #feelingsilly2017

Life: Slow Down to Slow Stitch

Do you ever say to yourself, where did the day go? Does time really fly or do we try and cram too much into our days..or is it because our days are so routine that we don't notice the day to day events so they don't stick in our brains. I was chatting with my mom the other day and who, by the way, is 81 and goes to the gym three days a week, and she says the same thing .. where does the time go? I think each day is filled with what we call "day to day" routine that by just going through the motions the day whizzes by and before we know it the week is gone and we're left to wondering "where did the day go?" So what is the solution? I read a blog a few weeks ago where the person said she started each day with a little sewing while waiting for her coffee to brew...I had to give a little eyes aren't open that early, I would end up reverse sewing when I was fully awake. But I've been giving this bloggers idea some thought..maybe I

Cruising by Pictures

Instead of writing all the details of our last quilters cruise I thought I would walk you through it with pictures... Coffee Day 1  Car Snacks for 20+ hour car ride to Galveston, TX Hydration at the end of day 1 on the road  Hydration on day 2 on the road Guest of the day! NASA Hilton Clear Lake  this is what we found at the end of our second day on the road. The view from our upgraded room! Cheers for surviving our last day on the road Our home for 7 days Stateroom picture..Andrew always takes one of me after we unpack Found my peeps on the ship We had a great room on this cruise..plenty of space for the quilters to spread out Pretty Artie  Pool day Cheers from Sabor aboard the ship Mike! Jo says "cheers" Fancy drinks before dinner Towel Friends Quilter Selfies Port call Entertainment Poolside Port c