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Setting up Wool Studio

I'm slowing getting my Wool Studio up and running ... I'm bringing some shelving units and cubbies from the shop for storage but all the wool from KAQ has been moved to the studio, and I've set up a card table on risers to start ripping and cutting kits. The weather took a bitter turn here in Virginia yesterday, so I decided it was a perfect day to stay inside and rip a few bundles and kits. I loaded these little Sweetheart Pinks on to the Neked Sheep Wool website ... I'm calling the 5" squares "Nickle Packs" and the 5"x24" strips "Chubby Rolls" both are perfect for your Valentines day projects. I'm carrying a new line of patterns from Jerome Thomas Patterns... This sweet lil' bunny was the first one to get kitted up, I'll be tracing it today, so I can start stitching as I dream of warmer weather to come. With the wind blowing and temperatures in the teens today I'll be spending the day in

They say...

My family is famous for saying "they say"...normally it's "they say that if the woolly worm has more black on him then brown it's going to be a bad winter." I've read more than once today "they say whatever you are doing on January 1st you'll do the rest of the year". So let's take a look at what I did today... Made breakfast - eggs, bacon, and fruit Did 5 loads of laundry throughout the day Vacuumed the downstairs Did our annual New Years Day walk, had to use the paved Greenway because Whitney State Park is too muddy for Bodhi. Made Lunch - BLT Lettuce wraps Unloaded my car that was full of Neked Sheep Wool supplies Cleaned out some of the basement. Used my new Instapot to make hard boiled eggs - perfect and delish Made dinner - Black-eye peas, spinach salad and homemade, from scratch, cornbread. Cleaned kitchen, put the rest of the Christmas cookie tins away So...if my 2019 looks anything like my

2019...Changing times...

As I was sitting down to write this post I thought about how to start it off ... so many choices of words to use, ways to put them together and yet come across with my voice. I thought about doing a video but that seemed a little vain. Besides, I'd have to put on lipstick and fluff my hair. Then it dawned on me ... just spell it out ... After many late night discussions here at home and at the shop I came to the conclusion that it was time to semi-retire. What does this mean for Kelly Ann's Quilting? Well, starting January 2, 2019, we will be hosting a retirement sale with discounts ranging from 20%- to 25%-off. All fabric will be sold in yard increments, and no fat quarters will be cut during the sale. We'll also have a lot of our furniture and fixtures available for sale, along with our many props that we've used throughout the years. We will also be changing our days and hours of operation. The store will be open Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-4pm.  Please understa