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Wooly Block Adventure 2017

On Monday October 16 the 2017 Wooly Block Adventure kicks off and wow have they switched up the rules this year. This years theme is Harvest Baskets and the blocks are very creative this year with some great fall colors. My block is called "Wildflower Basket" .. this bittersweet wrapping itself around the fading wild sunflowers that grow along the roadways here in Virginia. Here are a few of the new changes: Purchase the kits online Purchase the patterns online Pick up a free pattern at participating shops Spotlight featured shops through-out the event on the website Wooly Block Group community on Facebook A PDF list of participating shops You can purchase our kit here or Your pattern here   - the pattern will be emailed to you as a PDF, so no shipping charges. So..pop over to the Wooly Block Adventure Facebook page and check out all the cool blocks..and let me know which one is your favorite.. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #WoolyBl

And again...

I feel like I do a blog post titled "time flies" or "where did the time go"...about every other month. My new goal for least once a's good to have goals, right? Right now my goals are to get the binding finished on my Quilters' Quest Shop Hop quilt to roll out the Wooly Block Adventure (check out their Facebook page) our block is done but now to get those kits cut.. and to add more products to our online store So you see I have lots of goals and this doesn't even take in to account the amount of time I spend with this fella.. at 15 weeks Bodhi is getting big and loving life and is a real handful..but he is a part-time shop pup. You'll find him on Tuesday, Friday & Saturday hanging out in his kennel, he's not a free range shop pup. So that's what I've been up to this summer... what about you.. what did you do on your summer vacation? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann