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Cruising by Pictures

Instead of writing all the details of our last quilters cruise I thought I would walk you through it with pictures... Coffee Day 1  Car Snacks for 20+ hour car ride to Galveston, TX Hydration at the end of day 1 on the road  Hydration on day 2 on the road Guest of the day! NASA Hilton Clear Lake  this is what we found at the end of our second day on the road. The view from our upgraded room! Cheers for surviving our last day on the road Our home for 7 days Stateroom picture..Andrew always takes one of me after we unpack Found my peeps on the ship We had a great room on this cruise..plenty of space for the quilters to spread out Pretty Artie  Pool day Cheers from Sabor aboard the ship Mike! Jo says "cheers" Fancy drinks before dinner Towel Friends Quilter Selfies Port call Entertainment Poolside Port c

Building Relationships

In a few short weeks I'll be traveling to St. Louis for Spring Quilt Market...but this time I'm not flying I'll be traveling by car with two designers and another quilt shop owner. I'm sure there will be lots of laughing..and I mean LOTS and LOTS of laughing but there will also be some relationship building. I believe in building strong relationships, not just in my personal life but in my business which is why this year at Spring Quilt Market I will be presenting a seminar "Quilt Shop Owners and Designers-Building Relationships". I've spent the last 12 years in business building relationships with quilt shop owners and designers, working together and sometimes making the difficult decision to walk away from some of those relationships. I've included time for some healthy discussion on how to break up, build up and form some lasting relationships. So..shoutout to my quilt shop owner/designer community..have you signed up yet? There's still tim

Hoppy Easter

I really crack myself up when I type Hoppy Easter...I guess cause I'm always hopping all over the place but not so much like a bunny but a squirrel. The biggest joke at KAQ is that we are all easily distracted .. much like a squirrel .. darting all over the place and trying to do 20 different things at the same time. Spring has arrived in Virginia..all the spring flowers are popping up, and my lilac and azaleas are just around ready to explode with color. Growing up a signal for easter was the blooming of the huge azaleas in my parents yard, I swear the flowers were as big as my hand. Our bushes here in Virginia range from yellow to bright blazing red flowers, it really is one of my favorite times of the year in the yard..except for the pollen...that I could do without. But...I might end up missing most of the color this year because we take off tomorrow morning for our 4th Quilters Cruise...I think I will miss my flowers but I think I'll see some beautiful sites on the sh