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Dogs With Blogs

Did ya ever wonder what is going on in a dogs mind? what they're thinking? are ya ready for this...there's a whole world out there for Dogs with Blogs if you're a doggie person or just curious check out this blog...some of these dogs are so stinkin' cute...The girls highly recommend taking a look... I've been doing some sewing and as usual can't show ya because they're presents for some of my favorite gal pals but I promise as soon as the gifts are given I'll take some pictures.... see y'all around the funny farm... Kelly Ann

Look Who's Having A birthday

Our Zele girl is 6 today...and a good 6 she is.... Happy Birthday Zele Girl!

Blog Sharing

Everyone that knows me knows that I have a super soft, and I mean SUPER soft spot in my heart for animals. I love them all, well maybe not snakes, but I do love lots and lots of animals. Y'all have read about "The Girls" and how much they mean to me. I've been following a blog for awhile and I really want to share Bernie's story with you, here's her website A Place to Bark and her blog. The love that Bernie has for these animals goes beyond the word love...she lives her life for these furry friends...please check out Bernie's blog, and check out Alpine..and vote.. Thanks for stopping by and on this warm (hot) summer I have a white Zele dog laying on my feet...between her acting as fur slippers and this hot flash I'm sure happy we have a ceiling fan and a/c. See ya around the funny farm... Kelly Ann

To Do List

Do you use a To Do List? I try, I really do but everytime I make a list I loose it. This weekend Andrew is driving to New Bern to visit his mom and I'm gonna tackle the to do list I just made, from the look of the list I'm gonna need more then the weekend to get it done but at least I've written a few things down. I would be happy to share the list with you but you'd see alot of blanks, it would read something like this. ______birthday present ________birthday present paint railings _______round robin block _________birthday present baby boy quilt BOM Banners trace red/black work for _____birthday present ________birthday present remove wallpaper in guest bath This list doesn't have any of the normal stuff Andrew and I do together on Mondays like grocery shopping and just general running around, or laundry, cleaning, walking the you see I'll be a pretty busy lady this veggin' for me. My plan is to let y'all know how far a


Guess what's getting in the way of my blogging... first a new computer... then a new phone... I'm very happy to have both but with everything they do I get sucked in... I have been doing some sewing, some I can show most I can't until after certain days happen...I know I'm so mysterious...and sneaky...sneaky like a snake... I'll get y'all some quilting pics this weekend...I promise...until then I need to figure out some cool ringtones ... o'wait I need to go to work...yikes I'm running late.... tata for now Kelly Ann

Fog in the Morning...

I have two very sad girls today....why? No walk this morning...again, why? Because of this... It's so stinkin' humid here that the fog rolled in over night and our roads are a bit too dangerous to walk with this much fog. Both are laying at my feet and every move I make they look up just waiting for the hat on the head to indicate it's time....well not today girls...maybe after dinner if the rain holds off we'll head out.... Lots going on at the store, more fabric arriving daily, new books to rack and yesterday Jackie put in 10 boxes of Quilters Dream Batting away..10 boxes is a lot of batting. Y'all stay cool today... and remember... put some music on and dance while you quilt!! Kelly Ann

Happy Birthday Nook...

Yesterday was Nook's the TNB ladies decided it was an occasion for presents...but then isn't everyday an occasion for presents...anyway back on subject. Nook's youngest was leaving for College today and she needed her pals to cheer her up...dang that girl makes us laugh so hard I think she did more cheering up then we did... Nook and her new cheese plate...isn't it pretty! A UVA bag for a UVA Mom...she'll be the favorite Mom at all the you think she has a pair of shoes to match this bag? Another present...a duck bead to add to her bracelet...I took a picture of the bead but it didn't turn out well, and yes she did name the bead, Tucker (it's a long story that you'll have to ask her about)...that dang girl names everything! A pretty little quilt for her sewing studio...she loves peach and it's all about the peach. This is a bag that Irma made...and yes she has shoes to match! I think she likes it! Thanks for stopping b

Dog Days of Summer?

I know, I were expecting a post about the girls but instead I'm showing you these two girls...are they not the cutest? Fancy Nancy & Queen Dee always give us a bit of entertainment for our Saturday Strippers Club...I'm gonna miss the one in October and I'm so mad...cause you know they're gonna be smashing....maybe they'll be pumpkins...or witches...o'man I'm gonna be in Houston while they're having fun... Happy Saturday....and remember... Quilt with laughter!!!!! Kelly

Thimbleberries Open House

I'm delivering on my promise of pictures from last Saturdays Thimbleberries Open House... Pam has decided that just smile for the camera because I'm gonna take a picture..and it doesn't matter if you want me to or not...she's pretty smart about that! Edie was the only one working on something, reverse applique', man I should have had her turn it around for all to see...maybe she'll bring it back when she's done. Jean got the one comfortable chair in the room and she's not leaving it for fear that someone might jump into it...maybe that's what Pat is doing...watching for any movement from Jean..what do ya think? Now isn't this a threesome...Angela, Nook and Astrid...that pretty piece behind them was Astrids show and tell...dang she does good work. Do ya think I caught Jackie eating? yep....she's going to love this picture... Charlene, Edie & Angela...again pay attention, Edie is working away and the other two slackers are just hangin&

She's Waiting

Looks who's waiting for me to do some sewing.... Zele takes that bed and flips it, scruches it up then uses it as a pillow...I was sitting at my desk and she's watching...can you see her mind working....she's thinking..."okay, it's time to sew, roll that chair over here and get some work done". I've got some pictures of last weekends Thimbleberries Open House...I'll try and get those posted tomorrow...until then... Stay Cool and quilt with a smile Kelly

I found another picture

Look what else was on my camera...This is Irma's sample for her Hey Ghoul Friend Halloween class, she's still working on the bling part so I guess I'll have to take another picture when she's done..we're planning on having a party for her first and last class in this series, so if you're interested in this class give the shop a call before it fills up. I think that's it for what's left on the memory card in this camera...and with two post this month maybe I'm back in the habit if blogging again...hope so cause I missed all my peeps. see y'all soon.... Kelly Ann


I'm still running around like a.... yep, chicken with my head cut off....but I decided to take a few minutes and share some of the pictures that have been on my camera and had promised lots of people that I would share. Here are a few of the pincushions we have on display on at the store. If y'all will search your memory banks, yes I know it hurts but give it a try...remember the blogs I did while in Pittsburgh at Spring Quilt it coming back to ya??? Anyway, while there we noticed a lot of pincushion patterns and some of them are soooo stinkin' cute, so after much bribing I got a few of the ladies at the store to whip some up.... So...what do ya think? I've been working on some store stuff the last couple of weeks, a few table runners and stinkin' cute Halloween panel, stop by the store and take a peak I'll show you what I did using some glow in the dark thread...very cool! I'll be back soon...but until then...quilt with a smile! Kelly Ann