Thursday, August 6, 2009

I found another picture

Look what else was on my camera...This is Irma's sample for her Hey Ghoul Friend Halloween class, she's still working on the bling part so I guess I'll have to take another picture when she's done..we're planning on having a party for her first and last class in this series, so if you're interested in this class give the shop a call before it fills up.

I think that's it for what's left on the memory card in this camera...and with two post this month maybe I'm back in the habit if blogging again...hope so cause I missed all my peeps.
see y'all soon....
Kelly Ann


  1. OMG she is adorable!! I love it. Halloween really is coming. WOOHOOO

  2. What a cute wall hanging for Halloween!! Hilarious! I think this is the first comment I've made on your blog but signed up to be a follower! You are so busy with a shop and the girls and life!! What are the girls, what kind I mean?? Come visit me at and become a follower! Would love to get to know you!


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