Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thimbleberries Open House

I'm delivering on my promise of pictures from last Saturdays Thimbleberries Open House...

Pam has decided that just smile for the camera because I'm gonna take a picture..and it doesn't matter if you want me to or not...she's pretty smart about that!
Edie was the only one working on something, reverse applique', man I should have had her turn it around for all to see...maybe she'll bring it back when she's done.

Jean got the one comfortable chair in the room and she's not leaving it for fear that someone might jump into it...maybe that's what Pat is doing...watching for any movement from Jean..what do ya think?

Now isn't this a threesome...Angela, Nook and Astrid...that pretty piece behind them was Astrids show and tell...dang she does good work.
Do ya think I caught Jackie eating? yep....she's going to love this picture...
Charlene, Edie & Angela...again pay attention, Edie is working away and the other two slackers are just hangin'....but that's really what we do best at KAQ!
This is one of my favorite pictures of the day...Irma (standing) is gettin' a what for from Nook, Angela and Astrid are enjoying the lively conversation.

They had fun and food, lots of chatting and I'm sure there were a few jokes along the way...if you didn't make this fun time keep an eye on our newsletter and you might get to join in on the next one.

I've got another post coming and my only hint is....The Dog Days of Summer, Stripping?

until then...
quilt with a smile
Kelly Ann

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  1. It sure looks like everyone had fun!!! Great pics!


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