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Couldn't do it...

Okay, I went to Wegmans and decided that was about enough for me...well I did stop into Michaels and JoAnns but didn't buy anything, stopped in for birdseed at our local TSC, then home. Andrew painted the windows on Friday so I did some scrapping and cleaning of said windows and I must say we make a good team, they look great. Watching some Redskins football then take the girls for a quick walk before the sun sets o'so early. Tonight I'm gonna work on the last round of the Round Robin my bee has been working on...I'll take pictures when we do the hand outs...I can't wait... I have one more day of my weekend, tomorrow is another attempt to start some Christmas shopping...I'll let ya know how that goes... till then.... Kelly Ann

I'm gonna do it!

Okay...I'm gonna do it...I'm gonna hit some stores today...why...don't ask I think I must have fallen and hit my head... I'll be back to report my survival... and... yes.... I'm CRAZY!! Kelly Ann

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm sending out Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all my Peeps... Eat lots of Pie... do some napping... play with fabric... eat more Pie!! Happy Turkey Day, Kelly Ann, Andrew, Zele, Stella and Izzy B

Wrap-Up, Up-Date..You Name it!

Wow...what a week it's been. I was going to try and do a blog post every day of the Quilters' Quest but as you can tell that after day 2 I had to give up. We had a great time during Quest and had the pleasure of welcoming quilters from North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Minnesota, Washington State, New York, New Jersey, Texas, North Dakota, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and I'm sure I'm missing a few states but as you can see from this list that quilters will travel for the fun of a shop hop. We got to meet two quilters from Baltimore that made matching outfits and what a hoot they were, I'm sure their local quilt shop enjoys them everytime they walk in the doors. There was a gentlemen with rock climbing shoes on, they were so cool and he gave us a little lesson on them, very interesting. I was invited to sit in a Smart Car, OMG...the car is so tiny but the inside is plenty big to hold some pretty good shop hop stash. There was the couple from W

Day 2 of Quest

Day 2 of Quest is today... we had so much fun yesterday... that we're gonna try and match it... or... better yet.... beat the fun we had. If you stopped by THANK YOU... if you're coming today... THANK YOU... or... if you're coming Friday, Saturday or Sunday.... THANK YOU... if you're on the fence about coming... jump off the fence and come... WHY?... because we're having a bunch of fun... and... LAUGHS... I even got to sit in a Smart Car yesterday...funny looking car but enough room for plenty of Quilters' Quest packages... Hope to see you soon... Kelly Ann

Happy Birthday to The United States Marine Corps

Once a Marine always a Marine... Happy Birthday to all active and retired Marines out there... including Dear Ole'Dad.... Kelly Ann

Quilters are Nuts

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know that we have a Charming Strip Club at Kelly Ann's Quilting and we meet once a month. Well two of our members come to entertain...oops I mean they come to show us their talents..oops maybe that was a poor choice of words...anyway, this month, being November, we thought they would show up as turkeys or pilgrims , but nooooo ...this is what we got... Did you that the week of November 1st-7 th was National Fig Week? Well neither did we so we were in for a big surprise when one of our talented ladies came dressed in her fig coverings and bringing in a bag of figs to share with you may have noticed that when I took the picture I didn't capture her face...guess it'll be a mystery as to who walks around Warrenton Virginia with fig leaves covering her most interesting parts. Now we just have to wonder what they'll be next month...any guesses? So if you've ever thought about joining one of our clu


This is me..... Quilters' Quest is a week away... Yikes... am I ready... hope so... think so... maybe... o'who knows but we're gonna give it our best. If you're in the area the 11th-15th stop in and join in on all the fun!! I'll post when I come up for air.... See ya soon... Kelly Ann

Are you on Facebook?

So do you Facebook? I'm pretty hooked...I joined FB to keep in touch with old school friends, then some of my family got involved then I got hooked up with a whole new group of quilting friends. I've been looking for a forum to do announcements about the going on's at Kelly Ann's Quilting I tried Twitter but that just doesn't give me enough letters to say what I want, yes I know you get a 140 characters to say something quick but come guys that know me that I can't give directions to the corner with that little detail. So... where am I going with this.... if you're on Facebook search on Groups then search Kelly Ann's Quilting..we have a friends and fan page...I'll be posting new stuff coming in, new clubs....basically new and fun stuff. So come on over and join and be the first to find out what's happening at KAQ! see ya around town... Kelly Ann