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Are you an antiquer?  NO I didn't ask if you were an antique, just wondering if you like to shop in antique stores, browse, stalk....I'm part shopper, part stalker, part browser.   Not sure how old this little sewing basket is but I thought it was so cute with it's little pin cushion sitting in the middle just waiting for someone to load it up with pins and needles. A trunk of quilts...most of the quilts you find are not the best quality but these seemed to be in pretty good condition...and nope none them made it home with me. you wondering what this's an Ironrite Iron and it was in surprisingly good shape. This was one of those shopping trips where I shopped with my camera so I left the treasures for others to I ask do you antique? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann

Emotions in Quilting

We feel all kinds of emotions while quilting... the thrill of selecting the fabric and pattern the urge to get the fabric cut  the giddiness of sewing those first seams the wonderment of it all coming together the happiness of finishing  and then there's this one... Sadness and Happiness all rolled into one big emotion...I was so happy to see that I had another spool of this lovely Aurifil thread waiting in the wings to help me finish up my latest project.  Now here's a question for you, do you save your empty spools?  and if you do how do you display them?  Until Next Time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday

What was I thinking...

I slid my camera card into the side of my computer and was surprised when I came across these pictures. With this picture I know that I love these old canister sets and always snap a picture when I see them. This was a no brainer, a Mini-Singer, who wouldn't love to have this but at $120 I thought I would pass. The wheel did turn and the needle went up and down but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't sew a stitch today. and then we have these two pictures...what was I thinking?  I remember seeing the red boots and thinking how cool they were but the shiny short boots...not a clue. Do you ever take pictures and not remember why?  please tell me I'm not alone with this... until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Morning Drive...

Does your morning drive look like this??? or like this??? isn't it beautiful?? Until Next Time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Happy Anniversary

Boy... meets girl.. and become this... Happy 16th ya more...rr

First Friday in Old Town Warrenton

Through out the summer the first Friday of each month Old Town Warrenton , for the month of September First Friday was sponsored by the Fauquier SPCA , I decided that if you couldn't come to Warrenton, Warrenton could come to you... I took a lot more pictures but for some reason they turned out blurry...could have been the tales wagging or me chasing the puppy dogs down...hopefully you enjoy the stroll down Main Street...thanks for visiting... Until Next Time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday

Did ya Miss Me?

I know I've been absent from blogging for way too long, my intentions are good and it's not like I don't have a computer in front of me 26 hours a day but I've been super crazy busy working on, not one, but two shop hop quilts.  I'm lucky in that I didn't have to work on them by myself but with so few sewing hours for me during the day it was lots of late nights at the store.  The good news, one quilt top is done and now the other is almost there so you should be seeing more of me here in blogland. Let's recap on some past post... 2 Color Quilt Challenge...The good news for me, I have my two colors, decided on the block and have started cutting it out.  Where are you in this challenge? Food Adventures with KA ... Ya think it's been a long time since I posted here it's been longer over on my food I'm gonna fix that this week, keep an eye out for my spaghetti & meatball dinner..yes homemade sauce. Zele & Stella...  They b