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A Dream

Warning...this blog post may cause some tears, but believe me, that are happy ones. I had a dream last night, and my father was in it. Now for those of you that don't know, I lost my father in 2013, and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him. I'm sure I've had dreams about him, but they never seemed real...this one was real. Let me set the dream up for you... I was back in my hometown, Havelock North Carolina, and shopping for some type of necklace, and I hear a voice behind me "not that one, pick the blue one"... I turn around, and there was my father, I started screaming and crying, screams, and tears of joy because there was my father in the flesh. We had a nice long hug, and I asked where he had been because I knew he hadn't been around for almost a full 7 years. It seems that he had been pulled for a special mission with the government and couldn't tell any of us, including my mom. Now, speaking of my mother, she doesn

Watch Out 2020

Before I even start this post, I want to say how hard 2020 is to type...not because it's the change of the year but because the right hang pinkie that taps the "0" key hasn't memorized that upper reach in a repeat. I find that I type 202 and forget the second "0"...silly pinkie finger. Okay, so my Watch Out 2020 title to this post doesn't mean that I've come up with a long list of New Year's Resolutions that we all know will fall to the wayside by the end of the month, but what it does mean is that I am changing some lifestyle habits and am bringing y'all along with me. 2020 is the year that I turn 60..yep the BIG 60...that 60. I'm not one to freak out about aging, and this one I decided to embrace. When I closed Kelly Ann's Quilting, I had made all kinds of plans to get in shape, to learn how to paddleboard with my friend, Leslee, and to just feel healthy. we are almost a year later, nope, I didn't get in shape