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Edgar the Elf

Our Christmas mascot, Edgar the Elf , is up to some fun this year...Check out the video and pop in and see us. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017Edgartheelf

On the Tip of my Fingers

I sat down this morning and started a blog post about a cool new tool.. then got side tracked with the wonder boy..aka BodhiPup.. and all of those words that were on the tip of my fingers... GONE...  image courtesy of   image courtesy of So...that post will need to wait till I set up the video camera so y'all can see just how cool it is...and I won't have to worry about the words flying off the tips of my fingers. Until Next time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017forgettingwords


Picture courtesy from Garden Whimsies by Mary As we enter the last month of the year, it is also the craziest month of the year. Parties, shopping, wrapping, baking...but STOP...take a deep breath and slow down.  Let's all promise each other that we will enjoy this Christmas season. My friend Suzanne over at My Retired Life on the Prairie  has a bucket list ... a very impressive bucket list .. after reading her post and her list it got me to thinking.  Being in retail we start thinking about Christmas in January...and by July we've got our products out and people are having Christmas in July's nuts but it's the life we live. By the time December arrives most of us are thinking of inventory not baking cookies or wrapping. You can forget about making homemade gifts...I think most of us are deep in to planning our next years events that this season whizzes by and we frantically write out our shopping list and throw our gifts in bags. Well I s