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Thanks for the memories...

I've been a firm believer that change is when it came time to announce that Kelly Ann's Quilting was closing and I was heading to semi-retirement I did it with the knowledge that I was ready for a change, especially my feet. Seven weeks later I'm sitting down to say It's been a fun 14 years of providing fabric, fun, and friendship to thousands of quilters. WOW...looking through pictures brought back lots of good memories. We've had sew-ins, charity quilts, bus trips, retreats, cruises, goofy fun, shop hops, puppies, kiddo's, Quilt Sampler, Quilt Markets, Snow Days (lots of snow days). I started going through pictures, so many from Facebook, have to love social media for trips down memory lane, I also pulled pictures from past blogs...I've said it many times if it weren't for a great staff and amazing customers I would never have succeeded. I also would not have su

Gone but not forgotten

Our sweet Stella T. Rottenbear Dog left us this week... Stella and Zele would often pose for me for the blog and Facebook post for the shop, they were both official staff members at KAQ. Stella was a golden retriever with so much sweetness and golden rottenness. She went by many names but was most often called Bear Dog. She loved her chew toys, treats, and belly rubs. She also loved her humans, we were her home pack but she also had another pack with Pam and Charlie from Ohana Pet Paradise . You see...Stella wasn't much of a kisser, you might get a nose kiss or an air kiss, but the one human she showered with kisses was Uncle Charlie. As her face turned white and she started to slow down, we introduced her to the newest member of our pack, Bodhi aka BGB. Bodhi loved Stella, and she loved him. We are showering our boy with lots of love and kisses. We whisper to our pups when we bring them home "we will love you forever and never let you suffer" ... and