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New Addition

I wanted to share with everyone my newest addition to the studio... When I took over the dining room we had a black-iron chandler, very basic but it just wasn't going to work for all my lighting needs. Off to Ikea I went and this is what I found, it throws light around the room, I still need additional task lights but this works much better then what we had. I was hoping to get my room cleaned today but it wasn't meant to be, but once it's done I'll post some pictures so you can see where I get to play while at home. Spring is here...enjoy and Happy Quilting

Barbara's Quilt

Here it is...I told y'all I would post a picture of the State Fair quilt I had been working on and here it is. Barbara was nice enough to take it off her wall and bring it in and I had to promise that I wouldn't get her in the picture, sorry Barb but I couldn't cut out your fingers or all my peeps would miss the whole quilt. I'll post more later...gotta run...

Tissue Box

I was going to post about this rotten spring cold that I've managed to catch but when I went to google images to snatch a picture of a tissue box I was amazed at what I found and that got me to thinking, how many people out there still use tissue box covers? Do you remember the day when you'd buy everything for your bathroom that matched from the toilet seat cover, rugs, towels, shower curtain, and yes the ever popular tissue box cover. Some were plastic, some wood but the ever so famous were the ones your grandmother would knit for you. Or, how about those covers made with the plastic mesh and yarn. So if you're looking for a good little laugh go to and search "tissue box", it'll be sure to bring back memories. Happy Quilting

Log Cabin, Revisited!

As you can tell by this posts title I'm revisiting a couple of my fabric choices for the log cabin. My lights are fine, didn't really need to change anything there but I did need to work on my darks and my center. While my darks aren't really dark these three work well together, and the center, perfect. I'll also be using the center fabric as my binding, sort of to bring it all together. Hopefully today I'll get my hands on the accucut and get this thing cut and started, I'll keep everyone posted on how it's going. Spring was here and now it's gone...I'll let you know when it shows back up but until then...stay warm and happy quilting.

Log Cabin Anyone?

As I've posted before my first quilt was a log cabin. I love the basic log cabin but I also love some of the really cool stuff that you can do with a log cabin, from curves, to building the cabin to cutting it into strips. I've had several people ask when I was going to teach the basic log cabin here's the first step in doing a log cabin, picking the right fabric. It always helps to take a picture of the fabrics you're gonna use to make sure you have some true lights and darks , my lights I'm loving but I not so sure of the darks . I'm using a Maywood Studios line called Back Porch Bouquet. I used the same line for Emma (previous post) and because I loved the fabric I bought way more then Emma could ever have used. The stripe is for the binding, I have a large floral for the border, if I decide I want one but for now I'm thinking it'll just be blocks but that also can change. Okay, now that I'm staring at the picture I'm think

Dinner Time

I love to quilt and I really love to cook. Just like taking fabric and putting it all together to make a beautiful quilt the same goes for food. Just take some simple ingredients, put it all together and you have a beautiful meal. Here's how my Cod Cakes start out... 1 1/2 pounds of Alaskan Cod 1/2 sweet onion chopped special ingredients finished products.... I love this receipe for cod cakes, because I'm not really a big fish eater this is how I can get some of that much needed Omega 3's into my body. If you're interested in how much of what I put into these cakes just post a comment and I'll email ya the "secret" receipe. Now that I have a full tummy I'm gonna sit and work on some really cool "green" work..y'all know me gotta mix things up. Happy Stitchin'

Red, White & Wahoo Blue

I found some really cool Red, White & Blue prints today at the Cabin Branch & Stone House Quilt Show . Some were mine the others I picked up. I can't really tell you what I'm doing with these great fabrics cause it's a secret...don't ya just love secrets. But I promise once I get it done and it's given to that special someone I'll post pictures. Speaking of pictures, don't ya'll worry one bit, Barbara is bringing her birthday present in so I can snap a picture and post for all to see. Spring is here but only for one day but that's okay I'll take it one day at a time... Happy Quilting


I spent this past weekend sewing on Barbara's birthday present and what do I have to show for it you ask? A picture of Izzy-B I was sewing along and she's demanding to come and watch so up on the sewing table she goes, doesn't she look good up there on the biscuit quilt Nanette made for me this past Christmas? Okay, back to Barbara's birthday present...I made State Fair from Miss Rosie's Quilt Co I used a couple of charm packs, one dark one light to make it real, real, real scrappy...Barbara loves scrappy. I didn't put the outer border on but did a small inner border then used a really cool chedder for the binding. I don't normally do reproductions nor do I do scrappy but I'm kind of liking how this one turned out. I'll have her bring it in on her day to work and snap a picture. I've not posted in over a week and yet I've been on the computer. I'm amazed at how much time a computer can suck up, from reading my blogs (I love them a

Full Moon

When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie That's Amore! I was driving home tonight from our hand applique' group and the moon was this big, so big and bright I almost needed my sunglasses which could lead into another song...I wear my sunglasses at night so I can see... Okay, guess I've got some tunes going on in my until the next time. So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night

Birthday Present

Here is my birthday present that Jackie gave me last week...don't worry you didn't miss it, my birthday is in November. Jackie had ordered it in time for the big day but it took forever to get in. it will hold all of my hand applique' thread, as you can tell I don't have alot but you just wait I'll fill this thing up in no time. Tonight is the first time a group of us are getting together for hand applique, very informal but several of us are interested in doing more hand work and this sort of forces our "hands"...hehehe. The prep work for what I'm doing is taking forever and I'm not sure that I'll continue to use this method but I'm trying to find what works for me. I'll post some pics later so you can see sort of what I'm doing. Happy Quilting

Frozen Chewie

Well by now everyone knows that I'm "eat" up with my dogs or "the girls" as we refer to them. Each time we bring in a new toy or bone into the house we bring two and each time we do that Stella decides that both are for her. Zele is use to not having a "chewie" to play with as Stella lays claim to both of them. This past week we had some wicked cold weather and snow and Stella never goes outside without a chewie in her mouth, normally she brings them back in but not this time, looks what she discovered in the back yard this morning the top one is frozen, she ran into the house with this thing sticking straight out, you can see how floppy the bottom one is. The good news is both chewies are safe and sound the bad news is they both need a run in the washer and if you take both away at the same time there will be hell to pay from Mel Torme' from Stella. I just heard on the weather that it's going up into the 70's on Sunday and maybe even

New Friend

Check out my new friend... He doesn't have a name but I've decided I'm gonna let him hang out the studio with me for awhile. Colleen brought him to me, she picked him up in Bluffton SC while visiting her sister, she said he would be perfect for the front porch and she is so right. I did do some quilty stuff last night, finished cutting out State Fair by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. This is another one of those projects y'all are gonna have to wait to see because it's for someone's birthday and I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I promise I'll post the day I give it to her. off to work, btw did I tell y'all that it's freezin' here? well it is and I can't wait for spring...saw the robins trying to peck through the snow so spring can't be far off. Happy Quilting and Stay Warm

BFF Visit

I just spent the last five days with my BFF of almost 25 years. Colleen showed up last Wednesday and we've spent the last five days non-stop talking. We went shopping last Thursday then I put her to work Friday and Saturday, no slouching around here. We had a winter storm approaching so off to the store on Sunday for movies and rotary cutter blades ( Kelly Ann's Quilting is always open when you have a key), we hung out on Sunday watching movies and finally got to sit down today and sew. It's been several years since Colleen got behind a sewing machine and I really think she fell in love with my Sapphire 870 . Here's her bag... didn't she do a great job? We had 4 inches of snow last night so what a great day to stay inside and play, and play we did. Tomorrow I head back to work and she heads back to North Carolina, the time sure did fly but there's always her next visit... so call your BFF and set up a play date, it does wonders for your mental health. H