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Furry Friday

What???  Furry Friday...what is that you ask???  Who knows I just made it up...but made ya look...dang I just crack myself up.  Actually I thought it would be fun to share pictures of our furry family members with something quilty... Here's Izzy-B hanging out on a biscuit quilt that my dear friend Nook made for me...Izzy loves hanging in the sewing room, if she hears the machine going she starts loudly expressing her desire for me to come upstairs and bring her downstairs, and yes she's that kind of princess cat. you have a picture of your furry family hanging out on a quilt that you'd like for me to share on my blog on Furry Friday??  Just send me an email with the picture attached and a description and I'll be happy to share... It's a beautiful spring day here... so... go outside... do some gardening... come in... take a shower... and then you can play with fabric.... Happy Quilting Kelly Ann & Izzy-B

Wordless Thursday NOT

What??? you thought you could keep me quite for another full day...not gonna happen... So are you a list maker??  You know make a list, check things off as you get them done or are you a list maker that makes a list and then looses that list and needs to make another list and written at the top, DON'T LOOSE THIS LIST.  I've tried to be a list maker, I've bought some of the cutest little note pads like this one...I've used ugly legal pads big and small, I even have a great "app" that works on my phone, I just need to type it in the computer and it shows up on my phone, how cool is that...but still I make the list and then forget about the list and go on with my day and at the end of the day wonder...wasn't there stuff I wanted to get done today.  How much pleasure there is in marking something off your list, a friend does a list and the first thing on the list is "make a list" she does this just so she'll have at least one thing marked off..

Wordless Wednesday

And Time Keeps Flying

Every morning I sit down to my computer and have good intentions on getting a blog post done but time flies out the window because I have a serious addiction...Facebook.  So, do you Facebook??  I started a Fans page for Kelly Ann's Quilting, then there's my personal page, then all the other groups and fan pages I follow, well before you know it time has gotten away from me and I rush around like a turkey with my head cut off trying to get to the store on time.  I do have some fun and exciting news to share with you....Kelly Ann's Quilting is expanding!!  and for us that is a big Woot Woot!!  This summer we'll be moving our long-arm and it's operator, Irma, to a separate location, she'll have her own door and keeps insisting that she'll have her name on the door...time will tell on that one.  We're still trying to figure out how we'll handle the newly acquired floor space but let me just put it out there that we'll either be filling it up with m

Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

April Showers...

You know the saying...April showers bring May flowers...well last week the temperatures around this neck of the woods were well into the Summetime instead of the April showers making our flowers pop open it was the April heat.   My mother brought this lilac to me from one of their trips to Michigan...if we had smell-a-computer y'all would be in heaven right now...this beautiful flower smells as good as it looks.... the azaleas are just starting to red ones are always the know..cause they're like's all about them.... my bleeding hearts survived being stomped on my the girls and Andrew when he was putting in a new cable run...they are so hardy...these are my pale pink ones...I do think I lost of deep pinks but that's okay cause I can still enjoy these... okay...she's not a flower but she is as sweet as a rose...don't ya just want to give her a big ole' hug...she'd let you...she's like tha

Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air or is that pollen...either way...wait... excuse allergies are giving me a fit and the pollen is really starting to fly.  I got home from work yesterday and decided to sit on the front porch with the girls and do some computer work.  The arms of the chairs were covered in yellow pollen, a nice shade of yellow but still...yucko!  To further torture myself we slept with the windows open and today I plan on playing in the yard...yes I must be a glutton for punishment.  After digging around the yard I plan on sitting my tush in front of my sewing machine and finishing up the project I started while on retreat this past week...keep your fingers crossed I still have a head by then...I really think your head can explode from allergies...just sayin'..... until next time... Kelly Ann

Great Retreat

So did y'all miss me???  If you were wondering where I've been and what I've been up to well I'm gonna tell ya...I drove to Lovingston VA and stayed at the Orchard House Bed & Breakfast with some really great ladies.  There was Carol from Batiks Etcetera and Sew What Fabics , Cathy from Wish Upon a Quilt Joyce from Quilting Adventures Sue from Quilt Trends and me what do five shop owners do while on retreat... We had a visitor... Deb from the Orchard House received Flat Stanley and he went on a quilting adventure and decided to visit us while we were actually case you were wondering, Flat Stanley picked the Viking sewing machine to sew on...he told me he loved it!  We did some sewing, some snacking and lots and lots of planning, organizing and giving each other plenty of support.  Lots of great ideas came from this retreat and we're all excited to get some events planned to share.  Two projects got done...Sue finished up her really coo

Wordless Wednesday

Spring Has Arrived

Finally...spring has arrived in Jeffersonton.  One of my favorite trees in the yard is the Redbud that's in the back yard...isn't it lovely.  The daffodils are in bloom, the grass is green and the pollen is flying through the air.  While walking through the yard, filling the birdfeeders and cleaning out the birdbaths I came across this...   the birdbath had been full of leaves until this past week when the wind was blowing and blew all the water and leaves out, I don't know if mama bird built a nest and it blew away or if some big bad bird took the egg from it's home.  It was cracked all around but not crushed, I gently picked it up with a paper towel and just that little pressure it broke and there was still baby yoke inside...kind of makes me sad but I guess that's nature. I hope that spring is finally blooming in your neck of the woods and you get to see the beauty of nature all around you... enjoy your day... Kelly Ann

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my Peeps.....


I have a blog I'd like to share with y'all...Charlie at Qubeequilts is awesome.  Charlie is a  multi-talented guy, one of the things he's pretty good at is explaining various issue you may have with your sewing machine, from cleaning out your bobbin area, yes my friends it gets totally gross under there, to this weeks post about slowing that machine down to sew.  Everytime I read Charlies post on machine issue you can almost see my head bobbing up and down in's like he's reading my mind.  Todays post is about speed,  if you're not getting the best result with your sewing, and it's all over the place just slow your machine down...what's that you ask,  how?  Thanks for asking.....if your machine has a speed button, just reduce the speed setting, if it doesn't just throw out that machine and run to your nearest Husqvarna Viking dealer and buy a new machine...oops...sorry about that, didn't mean that to slip out...actually there are a

Happy Birthday

To the most wonderful man in the world...I say.... Happy Birthday I love you more......