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Busy Sunday

Yesterday on Facebook I added a list of things I had planned to do for the day ~ 1. Drive to Shenandoah National Park and take a hike 2. Lunch in Sperryville VA 3. Yard work 4. Dinner on the porch 5. Work on wool projects Well, I'm happy to say that all 5 on the list got checked off. Lillies in SNP Looking east in SNP Flowers in SNP Looking into the Valley from SNP Selfie in SNP While we did not hike while out in SNB, no parking in the trial lots, we did stop and take lots of pictures so I'll call those walk arounds, mini-hikes. The weather was beautiful with no humidity, it was a clear, beautiful day. My friend Kathy told me we should head out there early because it crowds up, she was not kidding. Instead of parking we just kept on driving. We decided to turn around and start the drive back to Sperryville, and just as we rounded a corner, there was a black bear crossing the road. I was so excited I couldn't get the camera app open o

Cruising - Part 2

Here we are two weeks home, and I'm just doing part 2, I guess it's been a busy two weeks for us. I left off with getting ready to pull into St. Kitts. Our stop on the island included a visit to the Caribelle  Batik factory at Romney Manor. Mike & Susan at the Kissing Tree KA & Andrew at the Kissing Tree Sammy the Kissing Tree Color everywhere Looking out from Romney Manor Beautiful Gardens Kelly Ann's Quilting bag spotted at Romney Manor Now it's time to make our own batik ~ Soaking in a bath after some tie dying Using a hot copper chop and wax to stamp her design Boiling pots ~ that is their lunch on top of the pots, they don't do microwaves Muffin was very pleased with her design Andrew was helping out holding down to make the stamping easier I would love to tell you these were our finished projects but they were still wet from their time in the dye bath with Mary (click on the li