Monday, July 9, 2018

Busy Sunday

Yesterday on Facebook I added a list of things I had planned to do for the day ~

1. Drive to Shenandoah National Park and take a hike
2. Lunch in Sperryville VA
3. Yard work
4. Dinner on the porch
5. Work on wool projects

Well, I'm happy to say that all 5 on the list got checked off.

Lillies in SNP

Looking east in SNP

Flowers in SNP

Looking into the Valley from SNP

Selfie in SNP

While we did not hike while out in SNB, no parking in the trial lots, we did stop and take lots of pictures so I'll call those walk arounds, mini-hikes. The weather was beautiful with no humidity, it was a clear, beautiful day. My friend Kathy told me we should head out there early because it crowds up, she was not kidding. Instead of parking we just kept on driving. We decided to turn around and start the drive back to Sperryville, and just as we rounded a corner, there was a black bear crossing the road. I was so excited I couldn't get the camera app open on my phone, and ya know what, it was just fine, I was able to experience the excitement of seeing a bear in person. BTW ~ we both thought it looked like an old man dressed in all back sauntering across the road at a very slow pace.

We headed back to Sperryville for lunch at Headmasters Pub ~ the brunch menu is small but the choices are amazing.
I had the Smoked Salmon and Andrew had the Croque Madame ~ I also had this refreshing

Refreshing and loaded with flavor
We headed back home and hung out on the back porch to watch the Washington Nationals pay an afternoon game of baseball ~ they lost ~ it was a sad game.

I popped out to the front yard to unload 12 bags of mulch and water my plants.

This little house wren's nest with three eggs is in one of my ferns.

Dinner on the porch ~ the picture isn't that great, but it was delish. Fresh eggplant and tomatoes from the Warrenton Farmer's Market, goat cheese (we need a goat cheese vendor at the market), chicken sausage and Israeli Couscous.
Dinner is served
We watched the end of one movie and started watching Iron Man, and I knew I had one more thing to check off my list ~ wool work ~
Mr. Squirrel
This little guy was mostly stitched in the car on the way home from our cruise, but I finished him up last night with some buttons and attaching him to the plaid background. If you are interested in stitching him, there is a kit available on my website, click on shop tab.

Mr. Squirrel didn't take long to finish up, so I thought a little prep work was in order for the next shop sample I needed to get done.
Barely There from Swirly Girls Design

Hearts in the Wind by Simply Put Plus
I went old school in tracing out the hearts for this new sample. With the Barely There you can use an inkjet printer, but at home, we have a laser, and take it from me you do NOT want to put BT in your laser printer. I finished tracing, fusing and cutting out the hearts. Now some quilting on the background and applique those hearts down and it will be done.

So there you have it ~ my checklist was complete, and now I'm ready to start on today ~ what will my Monday bring?
Grocery Shopping
Birthday Shopping
Your guess is as good as mine

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann


Saturday, July 7, 2018

Cruising - Part 2

Here we are two weeks home, and I'm just doing part 2, I guess it's been a busy two weeks for us.

I left off with getting ready to pull into St. Kitts.

Our stop on the island included a visit to the Caribelle Batik factory at Romney Manor.
Mike & Susan at the Kissing Tree

KA & Andrew at the Kissing Tree

Sammy the Kissing Tree

Color everywhere

Looking out from Romney Manor

Beautiful Gardens

Kelly Ann's Quilting bag spotted at Romney Manor

Now it's time to make our own batik ~

Soaking in a bath after some tie dying

Using a hot copper chop and wax to stamp her design

Boiling pots ~ that is their lunch on top of the pots, they don't do microwaves

Muffin was very pleased with her design

Andrew was helping out holding down to make the stamping easier

I would love to tell you these were our finished projects but they were still wet from their time in the dye bath with Mary (click on the link above and you can read about her)

Drying on the line after spending some time in their dye pots.

We were lucky that our tour bus driver was very accommodating when he said to ask him anything and Leslee asked if he could show us where the Atlantic and the Caribbean meet. Sheldon gave us an extra ride around the island to show us a view that we will not forget, makes us want to go and spend more time on the island.

The Atlantic is on the left, the Caribbean on the right. Check
our the color difference.

It was soon time to head back to our ship and head out to sea ~
Our ship is the one on the right ~ it's amazing how big these vessels are.

Goodbye St. Kitts, till we meet again.

After a full day out and about it was time to head to the pool to cool off ~ if only it were that easy ~ the pools were packed, but we did manage a little time in the sun with a refreshing mudslide 

Mudslide ~ poolside
We all headed back to our staterooms and showered for dinner in the dining room ~ 
Susan ~ KA ~ Leslee

Scott ~ Andrew ~ Mike
One more post to go to wrap up the fun we had on this quilters cruise ~ next up ~ pictures from our sew days.

Until Next Time
Be Kind

Kelly Ann

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