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Stabbing things

 So... I've been taking this... Sashiko Needle Sampler and this... Wonderfil Perle Cotton and with lots of stabbing....made this... Sashiko Samplers I had totally forgotten how much I enjoyed stitching at night...just stitching for me. For 15 years all of my stitching was done for my business, and while I enjoyed it, it was always under pressure to get it done.  I've stitched for as long as I can remember, mostly cross-stitching starting at a very young age. I picked up hand embroidery while running the shop and added wool applique when I moved my business online. I enjoy both the embroidery and applique but not since I stopped cross-stitching have I've enjoyed stitching more than I do with my Sashiko.  Sashiko from Wikipedia:  " Sashiko  ( 刺し子 , lit. "little stabs")  is a type of traditional  Japanese   embroidery  or  stitching  used for the decorative and/or functional reinforcement of cloth and clothing. Owing to the relatively cheap nature of white cotto

Almost Normal

 We are slowly unfolding our legs and moving around and getting out and about... We did one of our favorite summertime activities last night with two very good friends and it felt...normal...really normal. We took the 1+ hour drive in to Washington DC to see the Washington Nationals play at Nats Park. This was our third game of the season but the first one since we are all fully vaccinated and more restrictions were lifted. We were able to laugh and cheer our team on with no mask and lots of fan noise. The park wasn't full but full enough, and full of energy. Kyle Schwarber Home Run 1st at Bat Leslee and Scott are our traveling buddies, baseball buddies, dinner buddies and just hanging out and chilling buddies. They went to the game on Monday night and it was Davy Martinez Bobble Head night, check out what they got me... Davy Martinez Washington Nationals Skipper It was a hot humid night in DC but the team did not disappoint us, lots of fun and cheering and we even managed to play

2021 = Self-Care

 2020 wasn't the best of years, it wasn't the worst, but that is behind us and I'm looking forward to 2021 that is full of blank pages. Walk with me, cook with me, read with me, craft with me...just come out and hang with me. Until Next Time Be Kind