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All Hallow's Eve

Fall and Halloween = Fall-O-Ween combining two of my favorite decorating times. I love to watch the leaves change on the trees, not so much the cold that comes after but I can push that thought to the back of my mind because I know that I can decorate with all things gold and orange and green and black. This would be me as I decorate the house for Fall-O-Ween...WHAT?? You don't believe me? I also love vintage cards and if I were a collector of things, except fabric, it would be vintage cards... and look what I found, a vintage owl Halloween card..perfect... and  because this is sort of a quilting blog I thought I would share this stinkin' cute Halloween twister that my friend Nanette made for her home... and something quick to whip up from my friend Laura over at Simply Put Plus I'm thinkin' this fella needs some orange wool on the bats as eyebrows. So until next time... BOOOOOOOOOOO