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Burrrr It's Cold

Okay, whatever happen to fall, aren't we suppose to have mild days and cool nights, not cold days and colder nights. We use our lap quilts at night while watching TV and last night I was tempted to grab Andrew's a run, man is it chilly. So instead of punishing my DH I think I'll make a couple of new and warmer lap quilts for us to use this winter and I know where I can get some really cool fabric. We got back from Market Monday night and hit the ground running, well maybe not running but we had a quick step in our walk. We've been busy planning our new programs and as soon as more details are worked out we'll be announcing them. I wanna congratulate all those Phillie Fans out's to you Joyce & Phoebe. Enjoy the rest of the fall leaves before the wind blows them off and until then.... Happy Quilting

Houston Last Day

Today was the last day of Market and I think we're ready to come home. We talked to new pattern companies today and found some really nice basting glue, we think that if even if you don't use glue basting to applique that you'll like this stuff. We can't wait to get back and play with a new freezer paper-n-starch method we learned, if it works we'll share but we want to test it first. Speaking of applique, Jackie has found a really neat book by Penny Haren, keep an eye out for a class with Jackie teaching Penny's method. We had a really great time on this trip, we had dinner with Joyce and Phoebe from both Saturday and Sunday night. On Sunday Carol Britt from joined us dinner, what a neat lady. Here's a shout-out to Phoebe and her Phillies. We're traveling tomorrow and both of us will be in the store on Tuesday, so until then.... Happy Quilting

Houston Day 3

We have some tired dogs tonight and I'm not referring to Stella & Zele. We walked until we couldn't walk anymore then had to walk back 6 zillion city blocks back to our hotel. We saw lots of new patterns and notions today and we're bringing back a few from to share. We're suppose to be testing new thread tonight from Wonderfil but we're still sorting through all of the paperwork we brought back with us. We made a few new friends today and maybe we'll make more tomorrow. We did talk to Lynette Jensen from Thimbleberries today and it looks like you might be seeing some of her new line in the store this coming winter. We also spent some time with Pat Sloan talking about all kinds of stuff from what type of thread she uses for her hand applique to how she likes quilting on her APQS George. Tomorrow is going to be busier then today, we've got a full day of shopping for fabric and lots of book signings and for heck's sake we might e

Houston Day 2

Wow, our minds are spinning. We're sitting here after dinner sorting through all the cool stuff we picked up today during Schoolhouse. For those of you who don't know, Schoolhouse is an all day affair where you go to 15 to 30 minute classes put on by various vendors. Lots and lots of new patterns out there and you better believe we'll be bringing some of them back. Today we saw Mark Lipinski, Eleanor Burns, Ricky Tims, Lonni Rossi, Amy Butler, M'liss Rae Hawley, Mimi Dietrich, Karen Montgomery, Jo Morton and Cindy Walter (snippet lady). Not to be name droppers but those were a few of the celebrities we saw, but no George Clooney, sorry. Tomorrow is the first full day of being on the Market Floor, we'll post some info on some of the goodies we see, until then Happy Quilting

Houston Day 1

Well we arrived safe and sound, the flight was okay with a few bumps but we chatted the first leg of the flight and someone (me) took a nap on the second part of the trip. Tonight was the Fabshop Dinner and we had a blast. We saw Mark Lipinski , Marti Mitchel, Loralie from Loralie Designs, Pepper Cory and Nancy Dill from Quiltwoman .com (think Contra Dance). We laughed alot and had a pretty good time even though we are both beat. That's all for now we'll do more sharing tomorrow night. until then... Happy Quilting

It's Market Time

This Thursday Jackie and I will be flying off to Houston for the International Fall Quilt Market, wahoooo.. Everyone jokes about wanting to go and see all the new and neat stuff coming out but I wonder if everyone knew how much work we did while there if they would be so eager to join us. From the time we leave Thursday morning from Dulles until we actually get back to our houses Monday night it's work, work and more work. But I will say I love it, it's energizing. Jackie and will spend hours bouncing ideas off each other and I can't tell you how many times one of us will say "did you see that", it's way cool. I'll try and blog daily while there, it's fun to try and put into words all the cool stuff we'll see. Lots to do before Thursday morning.... Happy Quilting


It's that time of the year, we change the batteries in our smoke detectors, maybe change out our slipcovers and better yet change our fabric direction. I'm a fabric lover, duh like y'all didn't know that, but I never had one style that I would say was mine, unless you call lime green a fabric style. While I still love lime green and love the feel of batiks I'm starting to really appreciate more traditional fabrics. I'm working on a Christmas gift for my father and using reproductions, traditional prints and gotta say I'm liking it. I can't give away to much about the piece because it's for next months Stash Busters but it's kind of neat. I showed them to a customer the other day and she said "it looks like you're nesting", I guess she's right. With everything going on in the world sometimes it feels good to stay home and nest with some really comforting fabrics. So today is my day off and I think I'm gonna do some &q

To Wash or Not to Wash...That is the Question

Okay for those of you that know me know that I'm of the Not to Wash world but that my dear friend Jackie is a To Wash person. Well that evil person lead me to the dark side because of an upcoming class that I'm taking at the store. I love to machine applique, the things I can do with thread and a machine makes my toes curl but I've never given hand applique a good try so next Tuesday I'll be taking a class at the store from a very experienced hand appliquer and I'm thrilled. I was reading over my class requirements and are you ready for this, along the top of the sheet it says " prewash all fabric", I'm thinking "surely that can't mean me", so I call my DF and said "do I really need to prewash all of this fabric?" and she said "yep", jeeze louise her being right makes my head spin. So now my fabric is washed and can't be mixed with my other fabric because that is one of those rules that I go by, no mixey

It's Arrived

I know I posted this morning but I couldn't wait to share the new Husqvarna Viking Topaz 30, it really is a "gem". If you love the 10" are of the Sapphire and want to add a touch of embroidery to your work then the Topaz 30 is just for you. I did a quick sew on it this afternoon and it runs nice a smooth, just like the Designer Diamond and Sapphire. I also hooked up the new Huskylock s15 and what a nice little serger . I did a quick thread, and I mean a quick and with no adjustments it serged up a storm, I mean I took it out of the box, plugged it in, gave it some pretty pink thread and serged along some bluejean fabric, perfect. If you're close come in and check out the new machines if you're not so close go to your local independent Husqvarna Viking dealer. Happy Quilting

New Project

I've always been the type of quilter that buys for a project, does the quilt, finishes it before buying for another but that's been thrown out the window. I'm sitting here typing and looking at a big stack of fabric that I brought home from the store yesterday, ready to be cut into small pieces and sew into big pieces. I'm chomping at the bit to start on the one for the guest room. It's taken me years to figure out a quilt and then to finally find the fabric, wahoo. But, before I can start on that quilt I have to finish up the one that's cut out for our next stash busters class, it's cut and I started sewing last weekend but it looks like I need to kick up the sewing so that I can start on a project for me. Today is Thursday which means I normally get to put something on the long arm but not today, it's a morning of private machine lesson then do some rearranging in the store to show the new Designer Topaz that's going to arrive. I can't wai