Monday, October 13, 2008


It's that time of the year, we change the batteries in our smoke detectors, maybe change out our slipcovers and better yet change our fabric direction. I'm a fabric lover, duh like y'all didn't know that, but I never had one style that I would say was mine, unless you call lime green a fabric style. While I still love lime green and love the feel of batiks I'm starting to really appreciate more traditional fabrics. I'm working on a Christmas gift for my father and using reproductions, traditional prints and gotta say I'm liking it. I can't give away to much about the piece because it's for next months Stash Busters but it's kind of neat. I showed them to a customer the other day and she said "it looks like you're nesting", I guess she's right. With everything going on in the world sometimes it feels good to stay home and nest with some really comforting fabrics. So today is my day off and I think I'm gonna do some "nesting".....

I almost forgot, I brought home a new sewing machine this week. I've been sewing on a "B" but really missed some of the features of the Sapphire 870 that I use at the store, so after chatting with Andrew we decided, why not, so I bought one....wahooooooo. The pivot features makes it so each to quick piece half-square triangles, 320 half square triangles if your counting. This isn't the only great feature of my new machine but right now it's my favorite, be on the look-out for more of my favorite features because I tend to have lots of favorites.
Happy Quilting

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