Wednesday, October 8, 2008

To Wash or Not to Wash...That is the Question

Okay for those of you that know me know that I'm of the Not to Wash world but that my dear friend Jackie is a To Wash person. Well that evil person lead me to the dark side because of an upcoming class that I'm taking at the store. I love to machine applique, the things I can do with thread and a machine makes my toes curl but I've never given hand applique a good try so next Tuesday I'll be taking a class at the store from a very experienced hand appliquer and I'm thrilled. I was reading over my class requirements and are you ready for this, along the top of the sheet it says "prewash all fabric", I'm thinking "surely that can't mean me", so I call my DF and said "do I really need to prewash all of this fabric?" and she said "yep", jeeze louise her being right makes my head spin. So now my fabric is washed and can't be mixed with my other fabric because that is one of those rules that I go by, no mixey wash and no wash fabrics. Once my block is done on this class I'll post a picture.

I was gonna save this for another post but I'm on a roll. I played all day on the Husqvarna Viking ER10 Embellishing machine. For all of you art quilters out there this machine is right up your ally, I did swirls and loops with yarn on felted wool, I took my "creation" and turned it into a tote bag. I used the new serger in the store and for a little machine it packs a might punch, you just gotta see this one in action. I put both machines in the front room so just ask me for a quick demo, loads of fun.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, the colors are gorgeous. I've seen leaves laying on the ground and my mind goes to some type of quilt, or as the ferns on the front porch start to curl from the chill, can't you just see that design appliqued with some thread painting to show each little leave spike. I also love to decorate with all the fall stuff and add Halloween to that I'm all jiggy with that!
enjoy the chill in the air......
Happy Quilting

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