Saturday, October 25, 2008

Houston Day 3

We have some tired dogs tonight and I'm not referring to Stella & Zele. We walked until we couldn't walk anymore then had to walk back 6 zillion city blocks back to our hotel. We saw lots of new patterns and notions today and we're bringing back a few from to share. We're suppose to be testing new thread tonight from Wonderfil but we're still sorting through all of the paperwork we brought back with us. We made a few new friends today and maybe we'll make more tomorrow. We did talk to Lynette Jensen from Thimbleberries today and it looks like you might be seeing some of her new line in the store this coming winter. We also spent some time with Pat Sloan talking about all kinds of stuff from what type of thread she uses for her hand applique to how she likes quilting on her APQS George.

Tomorrow is going to be busier then today, we've got a full day of shopping for fabric and lots of book signings and for heck's sake we might even get to meet Marie Osmond. that's all from here so until tomorrow
Happy Quilting

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