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Something that doesn't happen often, I'm at a loss of words to describe the sadness I feel as I watch the coverage of the mass destruction that was left behind by the massive tornado that tore through Alabama this week.  Please send your prayers down south as people sift through the debris of their lives and morn the loss of loved ones. Until next time... Be Kind.... Kelly Ann

Royal Wedding....

No, I will not be getting up to watch the wedding live...I love my zzzzzzz's way too much.  But to get into the spirit of all the wedding hoopla I thought I would share the little "name" game that's going here goes... Start with Lord or Lady (you decide on that one!!) followed by one of your Grandparents names and your surname will be your first pets name hyphenated with the name of the street you grew up on… first.... Lady Rebecca Curly-Greenway so share....what is your Royal name??? Until next time... Lady KA 

Spring Time In Virginia

I'm a big fan of the change in seasons, and yes while I do complain when it's cold and snowy outside I do enjoy to watch the snow fall and can see lots of beauty as it hangs in the trees.  As each new season comes I always proclaim "Spring is my favorite" or Summer or Fall or Winter...get the picture, I'm pretty fickle with my love of seasons, they are all created equal.  I thought I would share some pictures of my yard, the azaleas are in bloom...and what a pretty display of color... and yes..the yellow flowers are azaleas...aren't they amazing.. Thanks for stopping by the yard...once the iris start to bloom I'll get some pictures of those...and yes they also have some amazing color to them... so until next time... stop and smell the flowers...but watch out for that bee! Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wednesday.. until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Peeps.... xoxo Kelly Ann

My how time flies...

One year ago tomorrow, April 16th, we welcomed a new neighbor and friend to Old Town... and fast friends we've become.... with the whole family... So stop in tomorrow, Saturday April 16th and congratulate them and while there pick yourself up a Kelly Ann's Latte', not a latte for me but a latte named after me...see, told you they were great neighbors... until next time Be Kind Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday


It's all about the new stuff at Kelly Ann's Quilting this week, we've gotten a ton of new books, the new lapel stick and now.... Cling On...the cutest little wearable magnetic pin/needle/scissor holder... and look at how convenient they are when working on your next wool project.... so, grab your wool, lapel stick and cling-on and get to stitching... until next time... Be Kind... Kelly Ann


Don'tcha just love new quilty stuff..something new comes along and you just have to have can't live without let me introduce you to the newest, lastest, greatest must have.... perfect for cotton applique, wool applique, any place you might use glue this stick will come in hand and..ready for's portable without spilling, you can take it in a car, you can take on a plane, you can take it on a train.  And...something more exciting is that we are the first quilt shop in Virginia to carry this great NEW product.  But there is one thing I want to caution everyone of...don't, and I repeat, don't mistake it for your, not a good thing. Stop by today to pick up your stick or give me a call..I can mail them out...makes me want to spend the day setting up some applique projects for the rainy day coming tomorrow... until next time... be kind... Kelly Ann

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful man in the world.... he still rocks my world.... love ya... rr