Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding....

No, I will not be getting up to watch the wedding live...I love my zzzzzzz's way too much.  But to get into the spirit of all the wedding hoopla I thought I would share the little "name" game that's going here goes...
Start with Lord or Lady (you decide on that one!!) followed by one of your Grandparents names and your surname will be your first pets name hyphenated with the name of the street you grew up on… first....
Lady Rebecca Curly-Greenway
so share....what is your Royal name???
Until next time...
Lady KA 


  1. Lady Minnie Smoky-EchoLane (I know...sounds very military!)

  2. Lady DillyDallyalot! And I have every intention of living up to such a name! ;-)

  3. Lady Mildred Kate-Styvesant

    Janet xox

    Yes...I did get up, but I'm up then anyway. Watched Diana's years ago and am feeling very nostalgic watching William today.

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  5. Lady Beatrice George-Brinton

  6. Oh how fun. I'd be Lady Lillie Emmitt-Mashburn