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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Eve

Cranberry Relish ~ DONE Dressing (we don't stuff our turkey) ~ Apples, Walnut, fresh sage dressing ~ DONE Broccoli Salad ~ Done Lemon Blueberry Cake ~ Done I made a Pinterest Board for my Thanksgiving dinner... Tomorrow is turkey and mashed potatoes Dinner tonight was cheese and crackers with some Boar's Head salami and a nice LARGE glass of Old Vin Zin from Bogle  .... and it was the perfect way to end the day. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann ps: Tomorrow I'll have plenty of free time to sew..come back and see what I'm working on.

If it fits...

This little girl is visiting us over the Thanksgiving holiday while her mom and dad are traveling... This big girl thinks she can fit in the little girl's bed...not so fast Stella T. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann

Food Coma

For the last several years I've been so wrapped up in the Quilters' Quest Shop Hop that I had hardly any time to think about what to cook for Thanksgiving or have the energy to go grocery shopping and prep work. This year I'm so excited for my menu that I've spent the last two weeks planning and figuring out the timeline for prep so that I'm not spending the entire day in the kitchen instead I'll have time to hit my sewing room and play. 2018 KA & A Thanksgiving Fest The turkey is in the fridge thawing out, I'll take fresh rosemary, thyme, and sage and blend with butter and stuff under the skin, I'll also cut up a few onions and oranges for the cavity of the bird. Wednesday afternoon I'll make the cake and chop all the veggies and fruit for the salad & dressing. The potatoes I'll make last, I like them fresh from being smashed and mixed with butter, cream cheese and half & half.  All of this planning will allow me some bondi