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Happy 2017

Happy New Year...may your bobbin always be full...your seam ripper needles never dull..and your UFO pile get smaller... Thank you for following me along on this blogging journey...I am excited to see where 2017 will take us on this journey.. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

Right Around the Corner

2017 is right around the corner and folklore says that what you are doing the first day of the new year you'll doing all year long. This year on January 1, 2017 I will be cooking a tasty dinner; I love to create in the kitchen...I will go for a long hike with my husband; exercise will play a key roll in my life for 2017...I will sew..I will SEW for me..and I will SEW for the shop but 2017 will find me spending more time with my sewing machine and needle and thread in my hand. Starting in January you'll start seeing more quilty things on the blog. We've spent the past 30 days on the blog getting to know each other..or I should say, y'all have been getting to know me and now it's time to get our Quilting ON! This post is number more day to hit the challenge and I think I'm back in the blogging swing. Do tell me..did you have a favorite post during this challenge? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

Throwback Thursday

I was going through pictures tonight and came across one of me with my mother and brothers... I'm guessing I was 3 or 4...this picture was taken in front of my great grandparents home...see that window behind us? My great-grandmother, Big Mama, had these little miniature ceramic animals. picture courtesy Pinterest Like these elephants her window was lined with all kinds of animals tethered together with a little chain...I think of them often and wonder what happened to them after my great-grandfather, Big Daddy, passed away.  Isn't it funny how these memories pop up in our minds?  So there you have Throwback Thursday...maybe the next time I do one I'll find one of my old quilts to see how far back for Throwback Thursday it goes. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

Spark Joy

My friend, Marilyn, told me about the book, Spark Joy ; An illustrated master class on the art of organizing and tidying up. I've download the book on to my Kindle and my goal is to have it read before the turn of the new year. Marilyn explained that the premise of the book is that if something doesn't give you joy then to give it away, let it go! Today I got home from work a little earlier then usual so started the "big dig" in my sewing room and decided that I was going to thin out my fabric stash and give away fabric that no longer brings me joy. This first bit of Spark Joy is going to Brittany because she's a new quilter and I know some of this fabric will bring her great joy in sewing up some fun things. I will continue to thin out my stash and hopefully be able to bring joy to another quilters life. So what do you think...can you thin out your stash and bring joy to a new quilter? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge


With the new year just around the corner it's time for all the "resolution" post to start showing up on social media. Let me see if I can name the top 5 New Years Resolutions for quilters: UFO's are always hanging over our didn't think I had any? BAHAHAHAHA I found a few of my UFO's, and not shop projects, that I thought..will I ever finish this? will it bring me joy to finish it? do I even still like it? So this year I will be starting a program at Kelly Ann's Quilting called Finish or Forget it! You'll be able to play along online and there will be incentives for those that follow through with this fun process. While we are waiting for all the details to be ironed out it's time to start gathering 15 to 20 UFO's that are hanging over your head...don't worry we'll get those projects down to a manageable number for 2017. Keep checking back for details... Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann

End of the Year...

It's that time of the year in retail...inventory time... We always start inventory early in the month but this last week is all about reducing the amount of fabric in the shop so we don't have to count it... so one quilts pain is another ones gain! Our annual "We Don't Want To Count It - Inventory Reduction Sale" starts tomorrow, December 27 and ends at 4pm on Saturday December 31... Hope to see y'all there! Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge


Back in the beginning of December I was excited that my Christmas cactus was blooming and I had hopes there still might be flowers on it for Christmas day. But it was not meant to salmon colored flowers were wilting. Here she is as her blooms look like little shrimp hanging off the tip of her stems. Andrew brought two from his mothers..I had no idea what color they were or if they would bloom. Two weeks ago I noticed some swollen blooms on the tips of the stems...they both started to bloom and here we are Christmas day and the little one is loaded and the bigger of the two is exploding. It's hard to tell from the pictures but they are more pink then my salmon one...I'm so excited that I now have three Christmas cacti to watch and wait to bloom each season. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from our home to yours... Our Stella T. Rottenbear Dog has made herself comfortable in front of the tree...she is waiting for Santa because she's been a good puppy dog this year! Until Next Time Be Kind Merry Christmas Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

Ladies Night

In the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season it was really nice to take the night off from baking or wrapping or card writing to have a Ladies Night Out! I went out with a few of my friends to Muse Paintbar in Gainesville  and WOW...what a fun night. The place was packed; with everyone painting the same picture it made it easy for the instructors to keep us all moving. We all start off with a blank canvas and then we are guided through the steps to paint our Christmas ornament picture. At some point Laurie and I decided that our paintings needed to be horizontal vs vertical...and I was getting impatient in waiting for instructions so I just plowed right in to the painting.  Let's start with the first ornament... Add a second ornament... And before you know you've added all the finishing touches..this is mine.. We have Laurie's masterpiece... Laurie's background was a real pretty green..she also added touches of blue in her ornaments..

Do you ???

Do you collect snowman, Santa Clauses or a mix of both for the Christmas Season? I've had my share of both...never really sticking with one or the other. I was having a conversation with my peeps, Kathy & Angie, they both LOVE and I mean LOVE LOVE LOVE snowman or is it snowmen? either way, they both collect them and I was joking them that I didn't really collect stuff. Well... I started taking pictures to give them a hard time and I guess I do collect was just hard to see the trees through the forest... I guess I have a thing for newest love are the Bottle Brush Trees that Janet at The Empty Nest   introduced me to. So...what do you collect...and be honest, don't hold back, we all are dying to know! Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge


I love the sights and sounds of the season... what I don't love is the frantic activity that happens... I'm just like everyone else...sewing at the last minute, waking early to bake cakes, "frantically" addressing envelopes, wrapping presents in between showering in the am and heading out the door..and on and on and on... I have three days off starting the 24th...and do you want to know what I'm gonna do?? I'm gonna come home and close the door...leaving the frantic activity behind me. So tell do you keep from getting wrapped up in all the frantic activity around you? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

Do you??

Do you ... Hang out on Facebook? Have you seen my Kelly Ann's Quilting FB page? Did you know that I also have a FB group? Kelly Ann's Creative Circle I started the FB group because it's easier for all the peeps of Kelly Ann's Quilting to share what they are working on or even ask for help. It's fun to see people sharing what they are working on or share their accomplishments. Everyone loves show and tell...and this group is the ultimate show and tell. You do need to ask to join but no worries there...everyone is approved...the more the merrier. So come on over and play and start sharing what you are working on... Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

One Size Fits All

So...this guy is coming in a few days....  and there is still time for your family and friends to get the perfect gift that always fits and never needs to be exchanged... But tell them not to delay because our Christmas hours find us closing at 5pm on Friday, December 23.. and not opening again till Tuesday December 27... Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

O' Christmas Tree

So here we 18 of the 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge that is spearheaded by Cheryl at Muppin.Com  ... I am so glad that Cheryl put this challenge out there because I really feel like I'm back in the swing of blogging and I can see so much potential with sharing more quilting things after the holidays. Speaking of the holidays...I finally sat down tonight after baking cakes & cooking red pasta sauce all day and sat down to enjoy some Star Wars and was looking at our pretty skinny tree.. We don't have a large living room and we really wanted the tree in room we spend most of our time. We found this skinny pre-lit tree a few years ago and I added some red lights to give it some jazz. My sweet friend Janet ( The Empty Nest gal) made this for me several years ago and each time I unwrap it I get a big smile across my reason is that she made it for me and another I just love bottle brush trees and this is a tiny little bottle brush tree. Anothe

Tasty 1.2

I started the great Sour Cream Pound Cake bake marathon Thursday night...the first cake I make is always so exciting, it fills the house with an amazing aroma and will make your toes curl. It's always hard to decide who gets the first cake...this year was Angie & Dave...I wonder what they thought of it? Normally I don't make a cake for us until the very end and some years we don't actually get one to eat but this year I got a dozen duck eggs from my farmers market lady and had to give them a try, more on that in a bit. So I came home from work tonight and managed to get a cake in the oven before we sat down for our normal Saturday night ritual. So what do you think?   I have to is as tasty as it looks...I just wish computer screens had scratch & sniff...y'all would be in heaven! A few tips on the cake. I don't sift the flour but fluff it with a spoon as I measure it out, add all the dry ingredients together while you are c

2017 Word

Each year many of my peeps pick a word for the year. The word can be something they are trying to achieve, a mental feeling that they are striving for or something they want to hold dear to their heart. My word for 2017 is something that I've been preaching on social media so it won't come as a surprise to many of you... you pick a WORD each year? I would love to hear what your word is and why you chose it. Because remember... Throughout your daily life... Kindness matters! Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

Tasty 1.0

While in our Stitch Therapy club I mentioned that I LOVE whoopie pies... so.... Jacqui decided that if I LOVED whoopie pies so much she needed to make me some. These were by far the best and I mean the BEST whoopie pies I've ever tasted. Jacqui was so kind in forwarding me the recipe and I'm happy to share with y'all. The centers were so light a fluffy compared to using crisco they didn't feel like a gut bomb. Give the recipe a try and let me know what you think..and if you are in the neighborhood and have any left feel free to drop a few off..ya know, for research purposes. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

Do you???

Do you bake for the holidays? Over the next few days I'll be starting to bake...and by bake I mean I"ll be churing out about 10 to 15 sour pound cakes and they all need to be done before December 24th.  I've been making this recipe for over 20 years and giving them as gifts and I only make them at Christmas time...last year I only did 8...I have a little longer list this year so there will be double cake days happening shortly. My friend Karen shared a recipe on her blog of one dough that will make seven it looks like I'll be making cookies this coming weekend along with a few pound cakes. Do you have a favorite cookie recipe you'd like to share with me? I've been on Pinterest looking for cookie recipes...cause ya know I have lots of Okay...who's gonna share first??? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

Shop Hop Survey

Did you participate in the 2016 Quilters' Quest Shop Hop ? All of the shop owners would love to hear what you pop over to the website  and take our survey and let us know what you think.. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

Stash Buster Time

Raise your hand if you have a stack of Christmas fabric and don't know what to do with it all? What would you say if I had an idea that could bust up that Christmas stash in flash? There's the Ten Minute Table Runner...check out this video from my friend Kris at My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe Quick Christmas Gift Bags from All People Quilt From Alanda Craft there's the Rice Heat Pack as shown in this video . And one of my all time favorites... From Smashed Peas and Carrots the Grocery Store Bag Holder will you use up your stash? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

Color of the Year...

So...Pantone has set the "Hot" "New" color for 2017... So...what do you think? Compared to last year this color rocks... 2016 Pantone Color of the year 😝😝😝😝 I'm really not sure who picks the colors of the year for Pantone and honestly do we really see a trend with these selected colors. If you could pick the Color of the Year what would it be?  I love most colors so I would be hard pressed to pick just one... Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge it over-rated?

I would bet you a buck that we have the conversation of sleep, or lack of, at least once a day at KAQ. While our husbands/partners/cats snore blissfully through the night we wake up several times a night or wake at 2am, 3am, 4am and toss and turn till it's time to get out of bed and prepare for the day ahead. Yesterday I read this article , and apparently we slept in shifts in the 18th century. The article goes on to talk about what people did between their sleep shifts...well this got me to thinking...should those of us with awful sleep patterns get up and sew? Would our cutting be off? would our seams be fat? or how about some hand stitching, would our stitches be so crooked would we be using our friendly seam ripper to undo what we had spent the wee hours of the night putting in? So tell you sleep in stitches? and do you get up and do anything productive? For me..I toss and turn and then get up between 5am and 6:30 depending on what lies ahead.. Until Next Tim

Call to Action

Hello all my peeps.. Here is a call to action if you want to step up to the plate... As many of you across the country know there was a horrific fire in Gatlinburg many homes and even lives lost and at a time like this quilters are always quick to jump in to action. I know this is a busy time of the year for all of us but I wanted to put this Call to Action out there...I will be collecting quilts for the victims of Gatlinburg and mailing them out next Friday, December 16, 2016. If you live outside of my local area and would like to mail them directly please let me know and I will send you the mailing address. As you can guess the coordination of this effort can be time consuming and a local church in Tennessee has stepped up and is willing to collect the quilts and get them to the families in need. For each quilt you drop off we will make a pillowcase to put the quilt in. Thank you for taking the time to consider helping out...I know as quilters your hearts ar

Your Tribe

As I sat down to write my post this morning I was scrolling through my Facebook page and this popped up and I instantly knew what I was going write about this morning... Do you have a circle of friends that surround you with love and support...or as I like to call Tribe.. Your tribe can be one person or ten the numbers don't matter but what does matter is that these people support you for who you are. They allow you to be the person you really are, if that's goofy GREAT..quiet..GREAT...bossy (yes there is one in every tribe) GREAT. So tell you have a tribe? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

Pardon me..but do you have the time?

We are always searching for time to get things shopping, Christmas shopping, laundry, cleaning, exercise...but are you making time for the one thing that helps keep you sane, sewing/quilting? 15 minutes a day can lower your blood pressure...30 minutes and you'll be calm and ready for the day...6 hours and the world goes away and the family is eating saltine crackers for dinner but that is such a small inconvenience for sanity. If you want to make the clock for your sewing space to keep track of your sewing time here is the link Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge

Do you???

Do you call it sewing?? or quilting?? or both?? Well...whatever you call it make sure you spend a few minutes doing it... Because it calms the soul.. helps with sanity.. and keeps us off the streets and out of the bars.. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31daybloggingwritingchallenge 

Looking forward to Mondays

If you are on social media I'm sure you've seen the memes... Mondays are my Sundays so I don't have the same view as others..but if you look at it like this... Every day should be viewed as a new day to do what you it is get out their and Seize your Monday! Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogwritingchallenge


mo·ti·va·tion ˌmōdəˈvāSH(ə)n/ the general desire or willingness of someone to do something Motivation is a word that creates hives in some people but yet gets others all jazzed up...for me it is a little of both, I guess you could say my hives get jazzed up! Some days I wake up ready to take on the world...other days I don't want to get out of my jammies. I do know when it comes to spending time in my sewing space that I'm more likely to be motivated if it is clean/organized. So today, Sunday December 4, I will spend the day cleaning and decorating the house for the Christmas season...and hopefully part of that cleaning will take place in my sewing space so that I will find the motivation to sew/create. So tell me..what does it take to get you motivated to sew/create? Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogchallenge

Stash Buster

Do you have a stash of Christmas fabric? Well I'm gonna help you bust it up... Make Christmas gift bags...I find that 1/2 yard works great...from the fold sew sews up the side of the fabric, right sides together, flip right sides out, press..use pinking shears across the top and VOILA..the bag is done. You can close the bag with decorative Christmas ribbon and your wrapping is done! I made a ton of these bags years ago and they are still under Christmas trees throughout the family and my mother in law loved them so much that she made a bunch of her own. So grab Christmas stash and get to sewing... Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogchallenge

Up to the Challenge

Cheryl over at Muppin.Com  threw a 31 Day Blog Challenge last year and I thought...I should do that...well then before I knew it December 15th was showing up on the calendar and knew I had blown my chance so when she asked who was in this year I threw my hand way up in the air and gave a shout MEMEMEME! See that little button for the 31 Day Blog Challenge You can pop over there and see the rest of the crazy bloggers who was ready to take on the challenge. I hope this 31 day habit sticks and I can write more..share more about quilting, more about Kelly Ann's Quilting  and we can have some interesting conversations about what you like, don't like and LOVE LOVE LOVE about this community that keeps us in stitches... Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogchallenge

Are you ready?

Good morning December... are you ready for... A big change in the weather? Christmas?? 2017??? I've been busy planning 2017 events and clubs for Kelly Ann's Quilting  and would love to hear from there something you'd like to learn? or how about you have a skill you'd like to teach? Stop by and have a chat or pop me an email...we want to make 2017 the year that everyone bonds with their sewing machines! Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #31dayblogchallenge