Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Spark Joy

My friend, Marilyn, told me about the book, Spark Joy; An illustrated master class on the art of organizing and tidying up. I've download the book on to my Kindle and my goal is to have it read before the turn of the new year. Marilyn explained that the premise of the book is that if something doesn't give you joy then to give it away, let it go!

Today I got home from work a little earlier then usual so started the "big dig" in my sewing room and decided that I was going to thin out my fabric stash and give away fabric that no longer brings me joy.

This first bit of Spark Joy is going to Brittany because she's a new quilter and I know some of this fabric will bring her great joy in sewing up some fun things.

I will continue to thin out my stash and hopefully be able to bring joy to another quilters life.

So what do you think...can you thin out your stash and bring joy to a new quilter?

Until Next Time

Be Kind

Kelly Ann


  1. I read Marie Kondos first book back in 2014 just before I sold my house and moved to Woodstock, VA. I found it ever so helpful. It made my move ever so much easier and I am still using her great info in how to organize drawers and closets.

    1. I will be getting her first book...I fell asleep reading Spark Joy last night and had dreams of throwing out dumpster loads of stuff..don't think I'm that


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