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School is ...

It's that time of the year ~ kids are getting out of school, and within a few weeks parents will be wondering when the first day of the new school year is because they are tired of hearing "I'm bored." Well at KAQ we are thinking about School with the Schoolhouse die from Accuquilt. The schoolhouses are appliqued ~, and this was so quick and easy to make ~ I prequilted the background, used Barely There from Swirly Girls Design, as my fusible,  and will applique the houses using the invisible thread from Aurifil. I didn't get a chance to do the applique tonight because I didn't have any thread at home ~ I KNOW ~ RIGHT ~ how could I not have any invisible thread at home, I'll fix that tomorrow. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #BacktoSchool


BGB = Bodhi Good Boy Andrew took our Bodhi boy to puppy training at Hungry Like the Woof in Warrenton, and he passed with flying colors. Next up was Caine Good Citizen  (CGC). Bodhi would come to work with me on Tuesdays then the both of them would head off to training after work. We are happy to say that our boy passed ~ even had graduation pictures. He's our happy boy ~ he's still a puppy, but his manners have improved so much in the last few months. He knows sit, stay, let me see, come, down, and a few other commands ~ next up is agility training in the fall. Stella has accepted BGB, most of the time, but she's an easy going girl and goes with the flow. Thanks for visiting with me and our pups Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann

How did your weekend go?

Sundays and Mondays have been our weekend for years ~ it's strange for me when there is a holiday on a Monday, and the grocery store is full of people shopping ~ I'm like ~ What the what, where did all these people come from? Trying to get back on east coast time is getting better ~ 8:15 for me, which isn't too bad. Off to the grocery store because I had big plans for my afternoon ~ I needed to open up the suitcase I brought back from Market full of market goodies. Patterns are pretty heavy, so I needed to buy a new, smallish, suitcase to bring back the patterns I purchased while in Portland. We took a quick trip to Lowe's for dirt, and maybe I picked up a few flower plants, okay 30, but some are fillers so do they really count? Dinner was grill night ~ sausage and pineapple on the grill ~ sorry no picture I was hungry when I got my plate together. We needed to catch up on a few of our recorded tv shows which is a great excuse to start a new wool project ~

Can You Say Jet Lag?

I tried ~ I really tried to get up early so that I could get back on east coast time but it just wasn't gonna happen this morning. 9:30am I dragged myself downstairs and was greeted by a big white puppy and an old gal dog. We headed out to the back porch, our first of the season to hang while having coffee and breakfast. Andrew took off to hang with Neal checking out a new brewery ~ or at last new to them. I chilled out on the porch a little while longer before starting laundry and doing some cleanup around the house. I spent a few hours at the shop with Angie trying to get a handle on some computer work. I was excited to see that a few things I ordered from Market arrived. Elizabeth Hartman's new patterns arrived, and we've already to had to reorder North Stars. Both of these are on our website .  I popped into the grocery store to pick up fixings for a big salad ~ I don't know about you, but when I've been out of town, I want nothing more than t

Travel Day ~ Home

Travel day ~ exhausting! I have to hand it to people that frequently travel from east to west for business, and it is exhausting. We left the hotel this morning at 6 am Sea-Tac time and arrived home at 4:30 pm Dulles time. We had both been on the west coast long enough to get acclimated to the 3-hour difference ~ Sunsets on the rooftop at 8:30 pm PDT = 11:30 pm ECT. Back to the travel part of the post ~ Quick and easy through TSA at Sea-Tac and we were at our gate 2 hours before departure, so much for extra security and early to the airport. I settled into my seat with my handwork and a few movies on the United App. Need to finish with green vines, press and figure out how I want to finish it off. Do I frame it? Or do I use an Ackfeld wire hanger? decisions...decisions...decisions! This little cutie is something that Susan from Swirly Girls Design , she made it using cotton and I just had to play with the pattern with wool. I need to add Welcome to the center and b

Vacation Time ~ Day 5 Ferry Ride

We woke to gray skies in Renton, packed our bags and headed to downtown Seattle to catch to the ferry to Bainbridge Island . The whole goal of going to the island was the ferry ride. Waiting in line to board the ferry. I had not been on a drive-on ferry in years, and this was is much larger than the ones in North Carolina. We went to the top of the ferry as it pulled away and said our goodbyes to the city, I'm pretty sure we'll be back because there is so much to see and we barely touch our list of to-dos. These pictures are from the rear of the ferry, kind of wish we had stood back there for the ride, it wasn't as cold and windy. After a ride around town, we parked for a little walk around the waterfront then up to their main drag for lunch. This wood pile was too cool not to share. We stopped at Cafe Nola for lunch ~ if you have the opportunity to eat on Bainbridge I would recommend this restaurant. The salmon sandwich I had was

Vacation Time ~ Day 4 The Taste & Sights of Seattle

Through the years I've seen movie after movie filmed in Seattle showing Pikes Market Place, so I knew that was something I had to do while in the area. Let me just say this ~ I was not disappointed ~ not one little bit. The flowers were amazing ~ If I lived locally, I would be buying flowers every week. Most of the bundles cost between $15 and $25 and loaded with color.  Dried pasta by the pound What I did not get a picture of was the fishmongers ~ they were tossing and throwing fish ~ you can tell they had plenty of practice. Live music ~ who knew a mop could sound so good. Coffee at the 1st Starbucks ~ well ~ the original one moved to this corner about 5 years after opening so as far as most people are concerned this is #1. Wall art ~ I can't figure out if it's carved concrete painted or stamped and painted ~ it is bright and vivid ~ how I wish we had cool stuff like this in Warrenton. This picture coul

Vacation Time ~ Day 3 Friends and Flowers

I've wanted to go visit my friend Julie at her quilt shop, Keepsake Cottage ,  in Bothell since I saw the first pictures of it in Quilt Sampler magazine. I was so busy chatting with Julie that I totally forgot to take pictures of the inside of her lovely shop ~ but I will tell you it was exactly how I imagined it would be ~ stinkin cute! KA & Julie Keepsake Cottage Flowers We took a walk along the paths beside the Sammamish River ~ kind of sounds like sandwich but not really. The cottonwood trees were letting go of the " cotton balls " or seeds, whatever you call it ~ it is wild.  The ground is covered, and it looks like snow, we saw one yard that looked like it had a nice dusting of snow on an 85-degree day. The cottonwood seeds are carried by the white cotton fiber, and they are everywhere. Reminds us of a scene out of the Netflix series, Stranger Things, and the upside down world. I took this picture for my friend Marilyn ~

Vacation Time - Day 2 Nature

Warning...this post is loaded with pictures from our day at Mount Rainier National Park...14,410 feet above sea level and beyond beautiful. We stopped along the road and were in awe of the beauty surrounding us. Mt. Rainier Andrew ~ sitting on a tree bridge KA ~ not so brave to sit on the bridge Snow/Ice flow ~ a trickle of a spring flowing  Glacier flow ~ water so blue and cold Bob Gnarly Head I can't figure out if the sap filled in the notch while the tree was still standing or after it fell. Art in nature ~ people love to create Don't forget to look up. or look down ~ beauty everywhere This is normally a field of wildflowers but the snow was deep this year ~ people were snowshoeing on the hill ~ that's Mt. Rainier in the background and a big dirty snow pile in the foreground. The Tatoosh Range Christine Falls Trying for a selfie at Christine F