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I'll Be Back

I won't be gone long...just trying to figure out my new computer, do some sewing and yard work...y'all know me I've got lots to say so I won't be gone long but I wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten all my peeps... see ya soon Kelly

Where did the week go...

I know y'all thought I dropped off the face of the earth but alas I did not but I'm still trying to figure out where my week went. This past week at the store we moved all the fabric and samples around and that took me and Nanette two full days and we still have stuff to do. We hope you'll like what we've done with the place and with a few more twiks and turns and it'll feel like a whole new place. If you stop in the store you'll notice we're getting ready for Christmas, sort of, you'll have to stop and see for yourself...and yes I'm sneaky...sneaky like a snake! We're working on an email update that will be out, keeping our fingers crossed, today, so check your inbox for that and if you don't get our emails go to Kelly Ann's Quilting and sign up for the newsletter. We're sitting on the porch this Sunday morning in the low 60's and low humidity...we're still wondering when summer is coming but it sure is nice to have t

Sew In

What a great turn out we had for the Charity Sew In on Sunday. We had about 18 people show up and what a fun time we had, lots of food and laughing. I didn't start taking pictures until the day was almost over so there are a few great ladies missing... We had some pressing from Gail... and more pressing from Cathy... Here's Barbara's baby... This is Nancy's's the big sister to the featherweight . here's some strips and pizza...the pizza was thanks to Irma. Here's Lynn working away, you can't see the chains attached to her ankle but I wouldn't let her off that machine all day... I ran out of chains for Nancy and Janice so I put crazy glue to their chairs... Here's the real sweat rest for the Joyce, Jeannie and Pat... I forgot to get pictures of the cutters but Irma, Dee, Trish and Karen did a great job in keeping everyone supplied with strips and foundation squares. It was so heartwarming to have such a great response t

Lots of Nothing New

I start feeling guilty when I don't post a blog to keep everyone up to date on what's happen at the shop, home and with the girls...but I gotta tell ya...there's Lots of Nothing New going on here.. Summer has arrived, I think. Two nights ago we slept with the windows open and an extra quilt on the bed last night, jeeze louise it was so stinkin' humid and it's not even 10am and the heat is building. Our neighbors across the street use to have horses but now they have four cows who if I had to name would be, meatloaf, burger, tips (steak) and meatball...anyway...we didn't have horse flies with the horses but you better believe we have them with the cows. Those suckers bite like the dickins and swarm the girls...Stella is not too happy when one lands on her backside. So we've been dealing with those nasty buggers while having our coffee this morning but as you can see from this writing there is nothing new going on here. We're having a charity sew-i

Flowers for You

I've not spent much time sewing but I am starting to spend more time in our yard...and this is what we have to show for it! Now I can sit on the porch and see all my pretties while I'm doing my latest redwork project and I promise to share when I'm done. Now remember....quilt with a smile...

Swirly Girls Designs update:

When Jackie & I were in Pittsburgh at the Spring Quilt Market we picked up this great patterns from Swirly Girls Design well now we have a few of their patterns done in some really great fabric. So here's our shout out to Susan and Christine...way to go girls... Perfect Ten! Focus Pocus! Stop in and take a peek for yourself... and remember... Quilt with a Smile!

The Girls

A while back I was reading one of my blogs and came across this really neat one, The Katillac Shack and her post on helping abandoned dogs and cats , after reading the post I figured "I can do that". I sent Kelee an email, she mailed me two "Play Strong" scarfs and all I needed to do was decorate them, take a picture of them on the girls and email them back to her...well they're done and if I say so myself the girls are so stinkin ' cute...don't ya think? Neither of girls wanted their picture taken last night but Stella sat very still and Zele decided that she could model her's just fine from the floor... So, while it's not quilting y'all can see I have been doing some sewing...I'll post pictures this weekend of what else has been consuming my time...until then... quilt with a smile