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Party Parade at Katillac Shack

There's a Party Parade over at the Katillac Shack on the 30th...go take a look and see what all the fuss is about...if you love animals, love parades then you're sure to love this one... stop in and tell them Kelly Ann sent ya...and take a look and see if you can find Zele & Stella in their pretty scarfs. See if you remember this post on the blog in July... see ya along the parade route...don't forget to wave!!!

Life in Old Town Warrenton VA

Saturday was Heritage Day in Old Town Warrenton and this is what was lined out in front of Kelly Ann's Quilting for 2 1/2 hours.... Two friends A man and his horse... Another man and his horse... this was the group right in front of the store..see the painted pony there was a young lady right that horse... These guys were being patient....they never got off their horses the whole wait...but they had a great sense of humor. We did get a chance to chat with a few of people riding. The front group was part of the Black Horse Troop some were sort of local but most came from various states, Ohio, Kansas, Pennsylvania...they ride from town to town on their horses, do some reenacting and hang out in tents. It took 2 years for this ride to get organized because they needed to obtained permission from all the land owners along the way to ride their horses through the properties and even allow them to bunk down for the night. These guys were pretty authentic except for t

Rambling Thoughts

I have so much going on in my head that I thought I would share some of the rambling thoughts of a quilt shop owner...normally I talk to myself but there's so much in my head that my other voices are confused so I thought I'd let y'all join in on all the madness. In two weeks we'll be heading to the International Fall Quilt Market held in Houston TX. Now this is a big deal, lots of new vendors, lots of old vendors, lots of new fabric some good some not so good, lots of notions, books and patterns to look through. I'll be spending the whole time trying to figure out what the hottest new book/pattern/notion is going to be and then to have to look at all the fabric and figure out what my customer will want. I don't think I could count on one hand or both hands and both feet the number of people that "volunteer" to go to market with me. While we do get to see some really cool stuff we are doing this for some very long days, leaving the hotel some days

Gotta empty the Camera

Okay so here goes...Lots going on so I'll start with getting some pictures off the for your viewing pleasure... This was from our last birthday bee gathering...I forgot to take a before picture, it was beautiful but so yummmyyyy...that we couldn't resist digging in before the camera came out. Here's Charlene checking out the chicken coop's I made for her birthday, and yes that's a Pat Sloan pattern. Here's Angela with her birthday wall hanging that I made using some of her favorite fabric... Here are those crazy Saturday Stripper Ladies...Fancy Nancy & Queen Dee...what you didn't know that it was national honey month? well neither did we but these ladies are a ton of fun to have in the strip club. and we'll end this little picture show with Stella...she's either A. reading her email, B. watching TV or C. getting caught sitting in Andrew's chair...yep you guessed right, she's reading her email!!!!! Laugh out'

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Happy Anniversary to the bestest husband..EVER!! rr

Happy Birthday Stella...

Well it's birthday time again in Jeffersonton.... Look who's turning 4.... Happy Birthday Stella T. Bear Don't ya just love the little quilt Stella is laying's a biscuit quilt, Nook made that for me last year for Christmas and Stella loves to lay on it because it's nice and soft...too bad she only gets to enjoy it once a year on picture really belongs to Izzy B but please don't tell the cat that Stella was laying on her quilt, we'll never hear the end of it!!! Happy Thursday... Have a piece of cake for Stella.... Kelly Ann

Man Quilter...You gotta see this...

There are a ton of really cool quilting blogs out there and as you can tell by reading the list of blogs I follow I'm addicted. I have a few that I follow more closely then others either because they do some really cool piecing, long arm quilt or just plain crack me up...So I'm gonna start sharing with y'all some of the blogs that I don't miss a word reading...First up is Matt Sparrow, take a look at this dudes blog he is one amazing quilter. If you hang out in Facebook you can find Matt there, friend him and he'll be happy to share with you not only his quilting going ons but the joy he has with his family. So stop in and take a look I think you'll like what you see... later gator.... Kelly Ann

Banner of the Month

This is one of the things we've been working at the store for what seems like forever.... See all the button packs...we've got buttons for the next six months of banners, I just need to finish up Wilma Witch here then on the wall she'll go for all to see. Do y'all remember the list I made last week? I went back over that list and ya know what? I might be able to mark one thing done today..yeah!! I did start on several of my items, which is what we all do so well....start will my next post be called Finishing Up...maybe, maybe not but I do know that I'll get that list done and they I'll have a party...well maybe a party in my head, you know with dancin' and talkin' mostly to myself ... Have a great day....and laugh out loud, it'll keep them guessing!! Kelly Ann