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Add A Quarter

When you read "add a quarter" what do you think of? Newspaper Box Candy Machines Paper Piecing Middle School Math New Club at KAQ If you answered 3 & 5 then you are correct... The newest club at KAQ is Add A Quarter Paper Piecing club. If you've ever wanted to learn the technique of paper piecing or foundation piecing (not to be confused with English Paper Piecing)? Starting March 18th join Angie as she teaches you the basic techniques and then you'll move up to several great projects that we know you will love.  This 6 month club is $10 per month plus monthly'll leave this club lovin' paper piecing and lovin' that it will be chewing up your stash. For the first month club you'll be having some fun with these stinkin cute Kimberbell Designs patterns, you'll be hooked by month one with these super easy and fun patterns. Call today to register as seating is limited. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann

Soft Cuddle..Warm Cuddle...

Soft Cuddle...Warm Cuddle...little ball of... If you are a fan of the tv show, Big Bang Theory, you've heard the song Soft Kitty  ... well... we don't have a kitty in the shop but we do have Cuddle from Shannon Fabrics. With 15 bolts of 60" new Cuddle colors, including dimples, we also received the NEW 90" wide Cuddle...or as we like to say...Cuddle for the big's perfect for those lap size quilts that we are always making for gifts. I know...y'all have tired to quilt with a product like Cuddle and you were left running from the room screaming at the mess...but have I got a tip for you..use the Havel's Ultra Pro Seam Ripper to cut the Cuddle. Cut from the backside of the Cuddle, not the front, this will keep the little cuddle bunnies from jumping off the fabric and on to your table, floor, clothes, get the explodes. But not with this method, you'll be SHOCKED at how little mess there is. So pop in to t

And the winner is...

This is a late post and I have no one to blame but me..I took the picture and then one day happened then another...well y'all know what happens after completely slipped my mind to post here. So....without further delay..the winner of our Souper Bowl Event is... The Fauquier Food Bank... We collected 101 cans of soup ... there might have been a few cans of veggies tossed in there but over all we are pleased with the haul. It was fun to make the phone call and ask if someone could pick it up to have them so excited on the phone...we can't wait to help them in the future. So while the New England Patriots were the winners of the Vince Lombardi trophy we think the big winners were the food bank. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017ActsofKindness

Play along Online

On January 28th we had a Finish or Forget it! event at Kelly Ann's Quilting. We took the projects everyone brought in and broke them down in to Finish It...and some even had some Forget It's. As you can see four of the participates have made the commitment to Finish Up 6 projects before the end of July. Each month we'll check in with them to make sure they are on track and get these projects finished. So what about you? Would you like to participate but can't make it in to the shop? You can click on the above picture and print it out or you can download the file If you decide to play along, fill out your form and you can email me a picture at Now let's get started and get those UFO's done! Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017finishorforgetit

Measure Twice

We've all heard it ... Measure Twice... Cut Once.. But here is a very important question for you measure with your mat or your ruler? If you are measuring with your mat here is something you might find interesting... This ruler was lined up on the cutting mat on one end as you can see as you look down the ruler the lines no longer match up. I know you are gonna ask me, how do we know it's the mat and not the ruler...that's easy peasy..just line up two rulers and see how they match up. That little bit of difference in the lines will make a huge difference in your quilt. So remember...measure twice with your ruler and cut once.. Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017teachingmoment

I'm baaaccccckkkkkkk....

Did y'all miss me??? This past week flew the end of each day I was determined to blog but the reality was I went back to my room, changed in to my jammies, checked in on FB to see what was happening and promptly dozed off. 50 Local Shop Owners in one much excitement, sewing, networking and LOTS AND LOTS of laughing. We were treated to some pretty awesome projects and many of us will be introducing these in to our shops in the future. New notions, Creative Grids Rulers , fabric and there were daily gifts, just like with Oprah, except no free cars. Here we are after a morning meeting and as we were wrapping things up on Thursday everyone laid out the projects they were working on...what an honor it was to be surrounded by such talent. I can't wait to reveal some of the fun new projects I have my up sleeve... Until Next Time Be Kind Kelly Ann #2017Sewposium