Saturday, February 18, 2017

And the winner is...

This is a late post and I have no one to blame but me..I took the picture and then one day happened then another...well y'all know what happens after completely slipped my mind to post here.

So....without further delay..the winner of our Souper Bowl Event is...

The Fauquier Food Bank...

We collected 101 cans of soup ... there might have been a few cans of veggies tossed in there but over all we are pleased with the haul. It was fun to make the phone call and ask if someone could pick it up to have them so excited on the phone...we can't wait to help them in the future.

So while the New England Patriots were the winners of the Vince Lombardi trophy we think the big winners were the food bank.

Until Next Time

Be Kind

Kelly Ann

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